2 BROKE GIRLS “And Strokes of Goodwill” Review

2 BROKE GIRLS “And Strokes of Goodwill” Season 1 Episode 3 – Last week’s episode marked a serious drop in quality from the show’s excellent debut. This week picked up quite a bit, keeping the focus firmly on the relationship between Max and Caroline, leaving unfunny distractions like Max’s babysitting job and her ex-boyfriend firmly by the wayside. It made for a much better episode of 2 Broke Girls, but still wasn’t close to fulfilling to promise of potential which the first episode hinted at.

2 Broke Girls‘ greatest asset is its two leads, Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings. Dennings’ natural sardonic wit combined with Behrs’ boundless energy makes for a great comedic duo who can raise the quality of the jokes. Dennings’ delivery in particular has made some pretty sketchy jokes totally work.

One thing I like about the show from a technical standpoint is the use of a live studio audience: they aren’t laughing at things that are not funny, and it’s definitely not a laugh track injected in after every half assed joke. This makes the show far more authentic: when Caroline came out dancing and singing, it was a funny moment, an honest moment (as in I’ve totally done that five million times, and so, probably have you) and because of that it was not a laugh out loud moment and I appreciate that the studio techs did not feel the need to generate false laughter into a situation that did not call for it.

It’s still early on in the proceedings and the show, understandably, still has not completely gelled. They’re making slow, deliberate efforts to flesh out the supporting cast beyond racial stereotypes which is much better than having a “Hans” episode. The writing is pretty solid and this episode did a much better job of balancing the meanness and still touching an emotional core (like the moment when Max said that to do an impersonation of her mother she’s need something like a cigarette, a burnt Christmas tree and a gallon of vodka. I’m paraphrasing big time here.) The jokes are a lot racier than you’ll find on other shows (“Stop fighting it and just give in-why am I quoting a rapist?”) and they can be hit and miss but the show is not boring and it has so much potential. I’m still very much a fan.

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