PAN AM “We’ll Always Have Paris” Review

PAN AM “We’ll Always Have Paris” Season 1 Episode 2 – Grab your passport; we’re off to France in “We’ll Always Have Paris,” the week’s Pan Am. And although the title is cliched, I found the episode just as much fun as the pilot.

On this transatlantic flight, Laura must face her mother who’s suddenly developed a craving for French food (but clearly has an ulterior motive for traversing the friendly skies), Kate has another assignment (carrying a package to a contact in Paris), Maggie is backed into a corner by a drunk and randy passenger, and Captain Dean and Collette grow closer while he continues his search for Bridget.

Let’s talk about Kate first. Ever the good daughter, she ignores her sister’s warnings about their mother’s mastery of manipulation and during the flight, Laura and Mrs. Cameron reconcile. The lop-sided family reunion is short, however, when they reach Paris and Laura discovers that her mother has also flown over her jilted fiancee. He turns out to be the better man in the whole situation as, after a heart-to-heart, he agrees to let Laura go in order to explore the world. She is a special little butterfly, isn’t she?

That’s probably why I like Kate so much more. Not only is she an undercover intelligence agent. she is strong enough to stand up to her mother where Laura isn’t. I doubt we’ve seen the last of Mrs. Cameron; as Kate said, she’s a great manipulator and her final scene with Kate just seemed like more mind tricks, rather than a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Kate’s French contact turns out to be the wayward Bridget! Apparently, her cover was blown and her punishment for that mistake was banishment to Kansas with a new identity, the papers for which were in the package Kate carried to France. Bridget warns Kate about the dangers of the job, especially when one is in love with a cute pilot.

A cute pilot who’s currently scouring Paris for any clues as to your whereabouts. With Collette’s help, Captain Dean locates a friend of Bridget’s in a bar who we later learn was her CIA contact. Dean is still in the dark about his former love’s side job, of course, and heartbroken when the undercover CIA dude tells him that Bridget was married. A clever ruse to get Dean to back off? Almost certainly. And it works; he ends the episode dancing very closely with Collette.

Last week, I commended Pan Am for not giving in to the urge to make all the male characters lecherous bottom-pinchers, but I now believe that if there was no inequality between the sexes written into the show, it wouldn’t be true to the time period. When Maggie is attacked by an overeager passenger, she fights back with a serving fork…but it’s ultimately her job on the line, because how dare a stewardess fight back? Captain Ted, in the way of all clueless men, believes he’s saving her job by smoothing things over with the passenger, but in reality, he’s condoning the behavior, which Maggie brilliantly points out to him. She might look like a Kewpie doll, but the girl is the future leader of a women’s liberation group.

All in all, I like the characters and I continue to be enchanted with the notion that flying across the world was once a luxurious experience. Looking forward to flying to Germany with the girls next week.

What did you think of the episode? Can you even imagine being served freshly-baked bread on an airplane? Do you think we’ve seen the last of Bridget? Let me know below!