GOSSIP GIRL “Beauty and the Feast” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “Beauty and the Feast” Season 5 Episode 2 – Well, it’s official–Blair is pregnant and she’s got the morning sickness to prove it. In “Beauty and the Feast,” this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, denial just isn’t an option for the soon-to-be-mama anymore, as the mere mention of food sends her running for the nearest toilet.

She’d better get that under control. The eyes of the whole world will be on her soon as her royal wedding approaches. But it seems like a little nausea might be the least of Blair’s problems as her prince’s sister, Beatrice, arrives with one intention…to dig out some dirt on her brother’s fiancee. Is she on drugs? Is she bulimic? No, she’s just pregnant and when Beatrice finds this out, her plans to get Louis out of the line of succession are placed on temporary hold. Turns out the queen would be thrilled to have a grandbaby, conceived out of wedlock or not. I wonder if Prince William’s grandmother would have felt the same.

But…is Louis the baby daddy? Since it seems like Dan definitely isn’t (he and Blair did really only kiss), Chuck Bass is the only other man in the running. What are the odds, though, that one time a baby could make? In TVLand, very high.

Speaking of Chuck, he can feel no pain, not thanks to any drug cocktail, but due to a rare psychological condition (which Dan diagnoses him with after an internet search) that causes him to register no physical pain after an emotional trauma. Aww, Chuck. Some guys grow a goatee, write bad poetry and hang out in coffee shops after getting their heart broken. You come down a rare form of psychosis.

Meanwhile, Serena is still in LA. After bumping into Charlie (or is it Ivy), she decides that her faux cousin needs to share a house with her on the beach. Charlie’s nose grows about a foot as she piles lies on top of lies in order to keep Serena from finding out she’s just a con artist and a broke one at that. Eventually, though, her lies are so good that they get Serena to invite her to come back to New York and give life there a second chance. I’m sure that’ll go splendidly.

I’m not even sure Nate’s back-alley affair with an older woman even deserves a mention; I’m totally confused (and a little bored) with that story line already. She offers him a job working for her budding media empire and I’m sure we’ll get more down and dirty scenes with them, but is it leading to anything? Not sure yet.

It was a classic episode of Gossip Girl. Money, sex and secrets. We all wait with bated breath to see if Blair actually will marry her prince. Since we won’t get an answer on the baby daddy for a long time, that is the foremost question on everyone’s minds. Til next time…

What did you think of the episode? Do you think the real royal family of Monaco appreciates the shout-out they’re getting? Will Chuck be able to feel in time to get socked in the gut with the news of Blair’s pregnancy? Let me know below!