AGAINST THE WALL “Lean on Me or Die” Review

AGAINST THE WALL “Lean on Me or Die” Season 1 Episode 9 – We revisit Nikki, the undercover stripper, in “Lean on Me or Die,” this week’s episode of Against the Wall, while Sheila helps Brody figure out a way to win Abby’s heart.

Don’t remember Nikki? She was the undercover cop working in a strip joint to bring down a dirty cop who’d become something of a mob boss. Abby and Lina are brought in when Nikki stops checking in with her contact; turns out she’s gotten hooked on the drugs. Occupational hazard. Abby takes it upon herself to get Nikki out of the club and start her on the road to recovery, but her plans are almost thwarted when Nikki slips away. In the end, Nikki steps up to the plate and saves Abby’s life by gunning down the dirty cop before he can do the same to Abby.

All in all, it was an average case with a nice bit of continuity. I also really liked seeing how far Abby and Lina’s partnership has come. They’re starting to trust each other more and more, even to the point of covering for each other. They have good girl cop drama chemistry.

Speaking of partners, Brody’s back! And he wants just one thing: Abby. Since he doesn’t seem to be winning any points with anyone else in the Kowalski clan, Brody goes straight to the Mama Bear, Sheila, and wins her over by declaring his love for her daughter. In between test samples of cupcakes (god, I want a cupcake now!!), Brody gets Sheila to give him some tips on how to woo Abby. They seem to involve Gladys Knight and a candle-light dinner on the roof top. I’m sold!

Unfortunately, there’s two things standing between Brody and his goal. The first is Richie. Brody’s former partner doesn’t want him going anywhere near Abby, on the pretense that he never asked for permission (what is this, 1850?) or told him what was going on. News flash, cutie pie! It’s none of your business who your sister lets into her bed! I think there has to be something more on Richie’s mind. He keeps saying that Brody isn’t good enough for Abby…what if he knows something that we don’t? It can’t be something too big, though, or else why would he have been okay with Brody as a partner for so long? Or is he just being way too overprotective?

The second roadblock is Abby herself. Although she’s perfectly fine with carrying on a friends with benefits deal with Brody, she is not ready for marriage, children or even an officially titled relationship. This does seem odd for a woman who takes her family very seriously; could there also be more going on there than what we know? What is wrong with Brody? I’m starting to feel very sorry for him. He seems to be trying so hard, but the Kowalski’s just don’t want him hanging from their family tree.

It wasn’t the best episode of Against the Wall, but it certainly wasn’t the worst.

What did you think? Do you gag at the idea of licorice cupcakes? Could Richie still be punishing Brody for the shooting? Let me know below!