THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Hurricane” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Hurricane” Season 3 Episode 2 – The Cleveland Show kicks off Fox’s animated tribute to hurricanes with the aptly title episode, “The Hurricane.” But the real storm takes place inside the Brown house when Junior declares that he does not believe in God. I’m sure that’ll go about as well as it did when Brian said the same thing on Family Guy.

When a hurricane bears down on Stoolbend, Cleveland and his family have to put their vacation cruise on hold in order to ride out the storm. Because evacuating is for wimps. Tell that to the lower 9th ward of New Orleans.

Having ridden out my fair share of hurricanes, I found the episode’s irreverence towards the subject matter refreshing. Post-Katrina, no one but Seth MacFarlane has been willing to poke fun at natural disasters and, really, don’t they deserve it? Especially when you bring religion into the mix. Now that’s a party!

We’re treated to an epic musical production as his family tries to convince Junior that he needs to worship God or else God will smite him. It’s wasted, however, as Junior sticks to his guns, his father gets angry and curses, and a tree falls through the roof, pinning Cleveland to the ground and making him think he’s Walter Cronkite. While the rest of the family prays for a miracle, Junior puts together a pulley and yanks the tree off his father. Of course, Jesus gets all the credit.

Without delving too much into my own beliefs, I will say that I loved Donna’s comparison of God and the Force. Whatever you think, most religions at their core are beautiful and uncorrupted. It’s when doctrine gets into the hands of the fanatics that it becomes twisted and ugly.

Basically, you can lead an atheist to religion, but if you can’t give him anything more than hyperbole and fear, you will lose him.

All in all, it seems like The Cleveland Show is back on track, after a somewhat lackluster premiere last week.

Best Lines:

Donna: Oh, baby. I’m so sorry. I know how much you wanted to see Florida from a distance.
Cleveland: It’s the only humane way to experience it.

Junior: Why didn’t you listen to the TV? The TV always knows best!

Cleveland: Christianity makes sense! A virgin had God’s baby who then grew up to be murdered by the (clears throat) Romans, so you and I could be forgiven for Eve eating that apple she got from the talking snake. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead to tell everyone he was coming back someday to fight the devil. Then he flew up to his mansion in heaven where he sits in judgment of the gays. How you can not believe that?!

Donna: Church is for those in need, Junior. You don’t go to the doctor when you’re healthy. And now there’s a hurricane.
Junior: Miss Donna, why do you believe in God?
Donna: I’m a black woman in the south. That’s it.

Rallo: I’m gonna dance now, ’cause I’m not a Baptist.

Cleveland: Junior, I know it’s been a rough day and I don’t want to embarrass you, but once again, as with everything in your life, God has make you look like a fool.

What did you think of the episode? Too soon for Katrina jokes? Too soon for Christianity jokes? Let me know below!