THE AMAZING RACE “The Spirit of Our Life” Review

The Amazing Race “The Spirit of Our Life”, Season 19 Episode 2 – The very first double elimination leg in Amazing Race history was in full force this week on “The Spirit of Our Life”.

However, all of the drama over the double elimination twist was quickly usurped by the drama concerning Justin and Jennifer acting like huge babies. I know that editors for The Amazing Race usually will tweak the footage we see in order to make one team member look especially bad, and that was definitely the case here. Either they were editing it to make Jennifer look bad, or she is really just an insufferable crybaby. Justin asked a completely pedestrian question about researching the area where they’re going, and she freaked out.

I’m not sure what the deal was here, but I have to say that I can never really blame the contestants for being short with each other. I know that personally, the time when I am the most irritable and shortest with loved ones is when I’m traveling. So when you put these people on all-night planes and train trips, you can kind of relate to their frustrations.

Speaking of frustration, this leg of the race had yet another extremely easy-to-miss clue. After last week had the random Chinese characters hiding behind red and yellow balloons, this week we had a small printed sign at the orphanage telling the teams to surrender all of their money to the orphanage. Most of the teams actually failed to read this small sign, making it a bit frustrating having to watch Phil send most of the teams back. I definitely need to give props to the few teams that actually did give all of their money on their first try.

I was definitely sad to see that this little twist actually eliminated one of my favorites, Ethan and Jenna. Being a big fan of Survivor, I was definitely very sad to see them leave. The other team to be eliminated, Ron and Bill, handled their exit with a lot of grace. Hopefully we see a lot less confusing clues in future legs, as this twist acted like a sucker punch to quite a few teams.

Random Thoughts:

– I think “Spelunk” has got to be one of the greatest words in the English language. It’s definitely top three.

– Liz and Marie saying orphanages are sad because the orphans don’t have any parents was sweet, if a bit silly as it’s a little redundant.

– I love when guy-guy teams, or girl-girl teams for that matter, win romantic getaways to some exotic location. What do they do?