DEXTER “Those Kinds of Things” Review

Dexter “Those Kinds of Things”, Season 6 Episode 1 – Well, Dexter is back, everybody! After what feels like months and months of hype, casting announcements, and speculation, we finally get to see what Dexter will be up to for his sixth season!

Before I get into the actual review of the season six premiere, “Those Kinds of Things”, I think I should explain how I feel about the show as a fan and reviewer since this is my first time reviewing Dexter for Daemons TV. I have been a huge fan of this show from day one, loving the tone, acting, and writing of this incredibly unique and entertaining series. I felt like season one was the perfect season of television, season two was great, season three faltered, and season four was brilliant. Season five, however, left me feeling somewhat unfulfilled. I was disappointed that Deb got so close to discovering Dexter, but conveniently did not find him out. The fifth season felt like it was running in place. From the season five premiere to the finale, there was hardly anything that had changed. Dexter appeared to have gotten over the loss of Rita, but that was about it. My main hope for season six is that we get some real progression on Dexter’s story, and that there will be major changes done to the formula of the series.

Well, with all of that being said, season six starts out with more of the same. We see Dex taking down two EMTs who had upset his code, and come home to his good ol’ apartment and that’s where we find our first big change of the season: Dexter’s new nanny. Angel’s sister, Jamie, is playing the sexy new nanny, but I really hope we don’t see her and Dex get together any time soon.

Speaking of getting together, there’s some more relationship updates here: Quinn and Deb are still together, Masuka has eyes for a cute lab intern played by Heroes‘ Brea Grant, and Angel and Maria are divorced (Thank goodness, they were an annoying couple from the start).

Dexter, however, is single and ready to mingle, so he’s headed to a 20 year high school reunion to reunite with some old high school buddies. Well, he’s also trying to kill the old high school quarterback who killed one of Dexter’s high school friends, but at least he has some time to do the Hammer Dance in the meantime! This whole scene was a lot of fun, but it seemed to really serve as a comedic relief as we set up the two new characters to the show in a side story.

The first couple scenes involving two of this seasons guest stars, Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks, were suitably mysterious and creepy. As I’m sure all fans are aware after seeing all of Showtimes marketing and commercials, this season is going to have a very strong emphasis on religion. As a religious person, I really hope that they treat this subject with a little more objectivity. So far in this episode, we’ve seen the two religious zealots played by Olmos and Hanks murder somebody with a machete. Then we see the other religious cast members, Bautista and Joe Walker, stumble through their explanations of God, faith and repentance, making them look ignorant and stupid. I just hope that the writers of Dexter are able to treat this subject with a little more reverence and respect going forward.

Dexter ended up getting his target, Joe Walker, in the end (And getting quite a reward from an old high school hottie in the process). It was hard to get involved in this Joe Walker storyline, as it’s obvious that we’re supposed to focus on Olmos and Hanks’ story moving forward. I’m sure Walkers murder will have little to no impact on the rest of the season, but I guess we’ll see.

Overall, this was a solid premiere. I’m intrigued by Olmos and Hanks’ characters, and the visual of the seven serpents climbing out of the fruit vendors body kept me very intrigued for how they’ll move forward. I’m always happy to see this show return, so here’s hoping for the best!

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Random Thoughts:

– Dexter saying he has no idea what “Hammer Time” is, and how it differs from regular time, was one of the funniest things that character has ever said.

– I feel like they’re kind of cheating with the whole “Harry” ability that Dexter has. I always thought that Harry was Dexter’s “conscience”, for lack of a better word. However, here we see Harry actually teaching Dexter the positions and strategies of football. I didn’t think that Harry was able to possess knowledge that Dexter doesn’t. That doesn’t make much sense, but thankfully stuff like this doesn’t happen very often.

– Did anybody else feel like Deb reacted a little too quickly when she heard gunshots in the restaurant?