AMERICAN DAD “Hurricane” Review

AMERICAN DAD “Hurricane” Season 7, Episode 2 – With the way tonight’s episode of American Dad was going, I thought for sure everyone in the Smith household was going to end up dead once again. Somehow, even after a hurricane, a shark attack, a bear mauling and a friendly fire incident, the Smith family came out of this whole mess with their bodies somewhat intact.

Although Stan is a CIA agent, he’s undeniably terrible in a crisis. In preparing for an anthrax attack years ago, Stan had “everything-proofed” their home against any sort of attack. I have to give some credit to Stan for his preparation here, but that’s about where any praise for him ends. Had it not been for his terrible idea to anchor his home down with Roger’s wine fridge the Smith family may have survived the flood waters in their perfectly sealed, floating home. Luckily, whatever is sad for the Smith family here, is hilarious for us.

In a contrast to Stan’s complete buffoonery, Francine was calm, brave and in control of her family even when they went against her. Not only was she working against a hurricane, she was working against Stan.

It was kind of sweet when Haley stood up for Stan and opened the window to let some of the flood waters in. Haley had stuck by her dad from the very beginning but ultimately that’s what landed her in the jaws of a hungry shark.

Even after Klaus’ Nicholas Cage inspired pep talk, Stan couldn’t break out of his bad decision habit and get into the National Treasure 2 territory that Klaus had talked about. Stan, convinced that eventually he’d come up with a good idea, brought in a bear to combat the shark and then accidentally electrocuted Roger and used his old college javelin to harpoon Francine to the wall. You have to love when Stan is just the perfect example of a complete idiot.

The plot of tonight’s episode was pretty streamlined, but there were a ton of great little bits mixed into the storyline. I loved Francine’s irritation with Steve’s annoying architect jargon and I cracked up when she walked past Steve’s upturned room which revealed Steve’s collection of fetish magazines. Roger’s interaction with the obnoxious girl who ruined his college sweatshirt by dying in it was classic stuff and I loved his panic when he realized his wigs were being washed away by the flood waters.

The final scene of tonight’s American Dad allowed for a quick crossover between The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad. In the paranoia after the storm, Stan, Peter and Cleveland find themselves in a three way standoff. Of course, Francine happens to walk out their front door at the wrong time and she’s the only one that actually gets shot by Stan. Tonight’s episode was just packed with that kind of dark, twisted humor and I have to agree with Peter Griffin, this one was “classic American Dad.”