NIKITA “Falling Ash” Review

NIKITA “Falling Ash” Season 2 Episode 2 – One of my main disappointments about Nikita has been the weak plots. The overarching ones are usually quite arresting, but when it comes down to the week-to-week plot lines, they’re often so overridden with sentimentality and convolution that they’re hard to understand, let alone latch on to.

That was not the case with this episode, which featured a pretty kick ass plot in the form of a new breed of assassins: ex-junkies looking for a cure via hypnosis, are neurologically programmed to kill when they are clued in to a particular frequency. The show pulled off this plot well, the scenes of exposition were much better written than others the show has featured. Sure, Michael was laughably quick in realizing that the attempted assassination of a senator was linked to an assassination group from 2003, but so what? I’d have much rather that than twenty minutes of dead ends. Also, Owen returns to help Michael and Nikita out, but he’s such a bland character that his presence barely registered with me.

In my review of the premiere I commented on the lack of chemistry between Shane West and Maggie Q. I don’t want to wholly recant my statement, since I feel it is quite true – these two are not Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton in terms of onscreen chemistry -but the writers are evidently working hard to provide the actors with enough material to at least feign chemistry. I liked the little corny moment between the two of them when he asked her if she believed him yet and she replies “I believe in you”. Call me an absolute sap, but it was a nice moment.

Unfortunately, as the episode went on it failed to sustain enough energy to make it a riveting thriller of an episode. The best part of the episode, I felt was when Maggie Q got to act like a junkie. She totally nailed those scenes – she was believable as a junkie while simultaneously smirking at the humor of the situation. There was one moment where she rolled her eyes towards the ceiling that was such a “kiss my fingers and let it fly” moment.

Alex’s plotline was smaller in this episode. I love the fact that the writers are giving her character time to recuperate onscreen. Sure she’s limping all over the place and going into random functions to tackle would-be assassins solo, but just to drive in the impact of what Nikita did to her at the end of last week’s episode, those moments were necessary and totally worked.

Ultimately it was a good episode of Nikita which lacked the energy which shows like Alias pulled off seamlessly (I know, it’s a very drunk drinking game when you compare Nikita to Alias, but for me personally, Alias’ first two or three seasons amounts to the pinnacle in spy shows,)

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