BLUE BLOODS “Friendly Fire” Review

Last night’s episode of Blue Bloods‘ “Friendly Fire” (Season 2 Episode 2) opens with a very angry Danny Reagan, and you won’t like him when he’s angry. You know when someone yells, “Why don’t we just shoot them [perps] in the street,” in front of twenty witnesses, that statements going to come back to haunt them. So it’s not surprising when Danny guns down a man running towards him with a gun, what is surprising is, he’s a cop. I thought that twist was enough to make up for the pretty obvious set up.

So we get to watch Danny squirm around in his bloody shirt with his guilt as they remove part of the officers’ lung and parade his pregnant wife and young son by. Pregnant wife, they want you to really feel this one. We also get to see a very brooding Frank get what I’m sure is a very troubling phone call about the incident. It seems to be a rule that at least every other Blue Bloods episode Frank get a sobering phone call in the middle of the night, but the repetition is ok because then we get to see his father call him Frances, which is kind of adorable.

The best moment of the night was definitely the conversation between Frank and Danny after Frank puts him on desk duty. Danny understands, Frank feels bad enough to bring him his favorite food as a peace offering, and Frank tells him he’s a good cop. Blue Bloods‘ best moments are always Frank’s sweet moments with his children, when he’s either being protective or proud of them.

And then Danny does something really stupid by sitting on a house while he suppose to be on desk duty, and things get confusing. Because he gets caught, and Frank gets super mad. During a very tense dinner one of Danny’s adorably blunt children asks Grandpa if he intends to fire his dad, and the entire family pipes up in Danny’s defense, which, again, is sweet family solidarity and all. Frank on the other hand isn’t having any of it, saying Danny was out of line and basically implying he just might fire him or give him some other major form of discipline. But he’s still aloud to go back to the squadron and question suspects, so I don’t know what was going on there. Even if Frank wasn’t ready to dole out any punishments, shouldn’t his squad leader, or someone closer to him in the chain or command reprimanded him? It doesn’t really matter, Danny’s the most entertaining when he’s trying to get a confession.

What seems to exonerate Danny is the revelation the cop he shot was suffering from a severe head wound right before he started chasing a perp (which was why he was running) and wouldn’t have been able to identify himself as a police officer. So with that cleared up, Officer Reagan is restored to full duty. So I guess Frank was just messing with him before.

And because the episode would have been a lot darker and lead to all sorts of mopping for Danny in future episodes if the cop died, the man with a concussion, two bullets in the chest, who fell down a flight of stairs is going to be just fine. And he’s not even mad at Danny for shooting him, if their manly hand grasp is any indication. Those police officers are forgiving people.

What did you think of last night’s episode, did Frank do the right thing by reinstating Danny?