A GIFTED MAN “A Case of All Hell Breaking Loose” Review

A Gifted Man

A GIFTED MAN “In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose” Season 1 Episode 2 – Michael’s involvement with Clinica Sanando continues, thanks to word getting around town that he helped the little boy in last week’s episode. Unimpressed, Michael heads to the clinic to demand they stop referring patients his way, but, after being told that there are no official referrals, he finds himself attending a memorial to Anna. Unsurprisingly everyone loved Anna – including her boyfriend Philip.

While at the clinic, Michael helps a young boy who apparently injured himself in the school playground. Michael suspects there’s more to it, but the clinic’s doctor, Zeke, tells him that bloodwork takes a few days to come back from the labs. With the help of an old, dusty microscope, Michael does a DIY job and learns that the boy has sickle cell anaemia. The boy’s father offers his blood for a transfusion and, in a demonstration of his occasionally awful judgement, Michael lets slip that judging by blood type there’s no way the boy is his biological son.

Michael later goes to check on the boy and finds the staff at the clinic trying desperately to find a hospital that can take him. The boy takes a turn for the worse, but he’s saved thanks to Michael’s quick thinking. Anna nudges Michael to bring the boy to his hospital, and then to go and talk to the boy’s father. Michael tells him that although the boy is not his biological child, he loves him more than anything. The father later comes to take his son home.

Back at his own hospital, Michael treats his accountant’s wife, Rebecca, for migraines and realises she’s pregnant. But when the migraines get worse, an MRI scan shows that she has a cancerous brain tumour. Rebecca is reluctant to proceed with treatment as it would mean having her baby early, but her hand is forced when she starts haemorrhaging. Emergency brain surgery is needed – Rebecca wants Michael to make the baby’s life his priority, her husband wants his wife’s life saved no matter what. Surgery is successful and both mother and baby are saved.

A Gifted Man manages to be heartwarming without being sugary and Hallmark movie-ish. I think that’s down to Michael, who is fundamentally a good guy, but who seems confused about what he wants in all areas of his life. This confusion is a much better base for his actions than if he was a ‘bad’ guy whose icy exterior is cracked by the suffering of everyone who attends the Clinica Sanando. Michael already has the cracks, he just needs the clinics patients and Anna’s nudges to widen them a little more.

My favourite part of this episode was the interaction with the staff at the clinic, as well as with Philip, who wanted Michael to be the new medical director. It’s so easy to see how Michael could fit in at the clinic – it’s almost frustrating how he doesn’t see it. Even poor Rita, stressed and harried, offered her services as a nurse if it would help ease the pressure at the clinic. The idea was shut down, but I’d quite like to see it happen anyway.

Summary: Another really good episode. A Gifted Man is a smooth, easy watch that balances work and life effortlessly, and provides a lead character who, like a lot of us, is just trying to figure out where he needs to be in life. Roll on episode 3!

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