THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The End of the Affair” Review

Vampire Diaries

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The End of the Affair” Season 3 Episode 3 – So here’s what we’ll do – if I ever doubt TVD again, you, dear reader, will remind me of this episode. I spent almost forty minutes thinking ‘wow, this plot is really reaching, isn’t it?’ and then it all came together at the end, when Stefan was finally allowed to remember everything.

This was one of TVD‘s rarer slower episodes. Not much actually happens in terms of action, but the episode still manages to introduce three important new characters, and give a motive for Klaus’ attempts to build an army, start a possible new conflict, and shed a little more light onto Stefan’s past. Oh, and we watch Elena’s heart break into a million little pieces, but we’ll get back to that later on.

(Sidenote: I won’t call Stefan ‘Stefanus’ anymore. He’s obviously not back in ripper-mode, it just wouldn’t be right.

Also, I think I’m actually starting to really like Stefan.

…Damon, get shirtless right now, kthx.)

We learn that Stefan and Klaus actually met over eighty years ago, when Stefan fell in love with Klaus’ little sister, and they became BFFs. Then Klaus was forced to leave town, so he suppressed Stefan’s memories of him and Rebecca to give them all a ‘clean slate’. But lil Becky wasn’t happy about leaving her new love behind, so Klaus staked her with the ash/dagger combo and added her to his casket collection.

This reveal did two things. Firstly, it gave us the reason for the hybrid army. Who is after Klaus? I think we can safely assume it’s the police detective at the end of the episode (played by the divine Sebastian Roché). But shouldn’t he be, well, dead by now? Secondly, it gave Stefan another reason to stay away from Elena. When he fell in love with Becky he was the ripper, yes, but it was still love. And presumably, with his memories of her returned to him, he loves her once more.

Let’s not get into a ‘but Elena is his true love thing. I’m not even a ‘Stelena’ shipper and I’m already reaching for the Kleenex. Let’s instead focus on what this episode means for them as a pairing, and what it means for a possible Elena/Damon hook up. Stefan rejected Elena big time this week. He didn’t just push her away, he gave her a solid shove towards the bus. I’m hoping beyond hope that this ends Elena’s fascination with getting Stefan back, not because I don’t want him back in Mystic Falls, or with her, but because Elena wanting to save everyone that tries to save her is tiresome. Understandable, but tiresome.

Instead, I would rather see Stefan return of his own accord. Will having Becky back in his life return him to his ripper ways? Will he choose Elena over Becky? Will he just get tired of it all and come back home – and if he does, will he be the Stefan we used to know or a broken man adjusting to a more sedate life once again? (If it’s the latter, can Elena be his new Lexi? Will her love for him override any hope of patience during his potentially long ‘recovery’?)

This does bode well for Elena/Damon, though. Unless Elena’s got a serious dose of the positive thinkings, she now thinks Stefan doesn’t want her. And there’s a chance that the search for Becky’s witchy pendant will take trouble right back to Mystic Falls. If it does, will Stefan be there to protect her, despite Becky? Or will it be left to Damon? Maybe it won’t even be peril that draws them closer, maybe Damon will just be there for Elena, now when she needs a friend.

While hearts were being broken over in the Windy City, Caroline was still being held captive by her father. Bill attempted to ‘cure’ her of her vampiric cravings by creating an association between human blood and the pain of burning in sunlight. It might eventually have worked, too, but then Tywolf alerted MamaCop and the pair rushed to the rescue. Can I just point out how awesome they are? Seriously, MamaCop saving Caroline was probably my favourite part of this episode. It must be so hard for her to accept what her daughter is, but she’s trying her hardest. The parents of Mystic Falls fail in so many ways, but at least our favourite blonde vamp is doing okay.

Summary: A great episode. It was awesome seeing Stefan back in his ripper days, and the history created for him and Klaus is set to add a lot to the season 3 arc. There were some small issues – why did Klaus only sense a possible presence and not Elena specifically? – that may be/hopefully will be plot devices, but otherwise this was a very strong episode.

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