PROJECT RUNWAY “Sew 70s” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY Season 9 Episode 9 Image is Everything (9)

PROJECT RUNWAY “Sew 70s” Season 9 Episode 10 – I’m not really sure what happened on PROJECT RUNWAY yesterday aside from Anya losing her money, Joshua M making a hot pink tuxedo shirt and plaid pants, and the judges sending the WRONG CONTESTANT home.

For this Project Runway challenge, the designers were asked to create a look that was inspired by the 1970s. Tim was very clear that the look was not to be vintage, only 70s inspired and they were to be given $100 and two days to complete the look.

The designers entered Mood to find their material and with five minutes left, Anya realizes that she has lost her envelope of money. It is NOWHERE to be found, Mood employees are looking all over for it, Anya is about to tear her hair out, and yet no one can find her money. It’s a Project Runway first!

Needless to say, Anya is not having a great time. Tim gives her two options: she can see if her fellow designers will be willing to give her any left over money that they have and she can use muslin from the workroom to complete her look. POOR ANYA!

Anthony Ryan steps up and gives her his left over $11.50 and she purchases a print, a zipper, and a few buttons. Then it’s back to the workroom to see what’s what!

Joshua is having a hard time coming up with a design because he “didn’t live through the 70s” (never mind that he’s a fashion designer and should be able to pull inspiration from past decades based on that
fact). He decides to make a tuxedo shirt (BRIGHT PINK with black accents) and plaid pants that made me pretty much want to gouge out my eyes.

Anya really uses Tim’s motto and “makes it work” with muslin that she dyes (a horrible pinkish red) and her print to create a dress that was actually really gorgeous looking despite the limited materials that she had to work with.

Anthony Ryan starts to create his look which is a mini skirt, a sleeveless poncho, and a sleeveless top, but the prints that he chose look VERY south West and, well. boring.

Bert is actually really rocking this challenge! He uses a sheer print that Laura deems “Roller Barbie” to create a top and a wrap around skirt over a pair of black short shorts. And I mean SHORT. SHORTS. However, Bert’s look was my favorite of all the designers. It was different, it was funky, and it was OBVIOUSLY inspired by the 70s.

Laura. Laura, Laura, Laura. She created a maxi dress with two patterns: a black and white chevron pattern on the bodice and a colored print on the bottom that did NOT match. I don’t know what Laura was thinking, but this dress was beautifully made, but UGLY in execution.

Viktor is, of course, creating a jacket/shirt/pant combo, and (of course) it’s STUNNING. He puts a snake skinned shirt under the tailored jacket, and paired it with wide legged pants. I am a BIG fan of Viktor’s work, and would actually really like to see him win this competition.

Tim comes into the work room and drops a bomb – the designers now have to create a second look for this challenge. One piece, no separates. They have $50 and 15 minutes at Mood to get their supplies.

This is when Anya redeems herself – she chooses a BEAUTIFUL print and creates another dress that is cut REALLY low in the front, low in the back, and the back of the dress is a sheer black fabric. It was stunning. Flirty, sexy, and beautiful.

Viktor’s second look is a snake skinned dress, Bert’s is an ADORABLE neutral, loose fitting dress, Laura’s is another off the mark.thing that the judges HATE.

Joshua creates a maxi dress with a neon colored animal print as the skirt, and both of Kimberly’s looks are pretty safe. She may have had some difficulties in construction (like sewing her model into her jumpsuit), but I’m a fan of Kimberly’s and she pulled this one out really well.

The guest judge is Olivia Palermo, editor of, and the winner of this challenge will have their winning look produced on!

So, what did the judges think? Well, Kimberly was safe with her two looks. Anthony Ryan got BLASTED and Nina stated that his girls looked like they belonged in a cult. While I don’t think THAT was really true, I do sort of see where she was coming from, but I could also picture women walking down the street in his designs.

The designers really like Viktor’s looks (especially the snake skin shirt), and absolutely fawn over Bert’s design while Laura looks on in confusion. Then they come to Josh M. According to the judges, Josh does not edit himself, and he needs to start. Josh disagrees and says that he can picture a woman buying his look straight off the runway to which Heidi replies “You can’t just live in your ‘everything is wonderful’ bubble.” THANK YOU, HEIDI.

Josh has an ego that needs to be tamed; and he needs to stop getting SO DEFENSIVE when someone doesn’t like his look. The judges are quick to tell Anya that she’s the winner (YAY ANYA!!!), and her second look will be produced on

Bert’s dress will also be added to Piperlime, and he and Laura are safe along with Viktor. This leaves Josh M and Anthony Ryan in the bottom two.

This is where the judges make the biggest mistake EVER. They send Anthony Ryan home and let Josh M stay. I’m convinced it’s because Josh bring drama to the show and without him everyone would get along (aside from the occasional Bert bashing). There is NO REASON that Josh should still be in this competition after COUNTLESS comments from the judges about how he needs to learn to edit himself. Oh, AND? He copies other designer’s ideas. He’s gotta go.

He doesn’t follow direction, and is not willing to take criticism. Bad call, Project Runway. BAD. CALL.

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