PRIVATE PRACTICE “God Laughs” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "God Laughs" Season 5 Premiere (2)

In the premiere episode “God Laughs” (Season 5 Episode 1), Private Practice begins another season with a half naked Taye Diggs, because Shonda Rhimes knows what the people like. Though he’d much rather stay curled up with Addison he’s paged to the hospital and dashes off. Could it be the cardiac surgeon is rushing off to save Pete, who seemed to have suffered a heart attack in last seasons finale? We can see a distraught Sam tring to revive someone with the paddles, and Charlotte the slightly thawed ice queen make him call time of death. Oh, no, is Pete dead? No. It’s not Pete, and it’s not even an effective fake out, because you don’t let the tension of a possible death build over a summer and release it in the first five minutes. Pete, unfortunately, is still lying on the floor with significant less strength then Iron Man had during his heart attack. They eventually have Cooper find the sweaty unconscious Pete, in basically the same exact spot the gutted Violet was found last season. I think they should move after this, bad energy in the house.

At the airport, Violet’s phone conveniently dies, and she just happens to over hear a married couple arguing. When the husband leaves to get coffee, she hands her a tissue that subtly says, “Need to talk?” I would have liked it if it was a little less subtle, like if within the tissue was her card. It turns out their marriage trouble is a result of a fight they’d had where the husband hit her. Violet, like the audience, gets serious face, as the woman explains it’s partly her fault, he’s really frustrated by his unemployment, he’s not violent, mixed with a more original twist of her concern the admission will wipe out her reputation as a highly intelligent lawyer. She honestly seems more afraid of tarnishing her rep then losing her husband, which I took as a good sign that she might listen to Violet when she says run awwwaayy. Which she does, though as she does, Cooper finally reaches her by way of an airport phone, and she dashes off.

A drunken Amelia is dancing on the bar when she falls off and cuts open her hand. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or she’s just more chill then the Grey’s Anatomy doctors who freak if their precious hand gets a paper cut, but she doesn’t seem all that concerned. She calls Sheldon to pick her up, and after some lecturing he drives her to the hospital where she proceeds to stitch up her own hand so she won’t run into Charlotte, who’s being such a pain about her performing brain surgery while buzzed. Such a nag. When something comes up with Pete’s brain, Sam pages her, and she immediately scrubs in. Does that mean she’s not drunk anymore? Maybe adding to the rule of thumb, only time, and suturing your own hand, can sober you. Charlotte wants to kick her out, but decides leaving her in would be better Pete. Has anyone seen her hand? How long does it take that numbing shot to wear off? These, apparently, are unimportant questions.

n the waiting room, Addison shows her motherly instincts by cradling Lucas, feeding him, and having a truly bizarre conversation with Sheldon about how screwed up he’ll be from seeing his dad writhing on the floor like a dying fish. So instead of worrying about their friend in surgery who’s heart keeps stopping and brain keeps rupturing they’re worried about the physiological ramifications for the kid. They even ponder what his death would mean for Lucas. Sheldon agrees it would be bad for him. It would also be bad for Pete, but they don’t seem to think about that.

By the time Violet gets to the hospital their is just enough time for her to look panicked at the window while they’re all up in her husband before they’ve fixed him entirely and it’s time to see him. She’s stressed about apologizing for leaving again, but it turns out he’s a little loopy post surgery and completely forgives her while telling her she’s beautiful. This seems like a cop out to me. We don’t really know how he feels, he could snap out of his flower child daze and be really pissed. But that, I suppose, is for next week.

Which brings us to Addison, who has finally decided to stop whining for a baby and actually go to a fertility specialist, who just happens to be last seasons random hookup. She’s about to run out the door still in her paper gown when he says he can be professional, and delivers the best line of the whole series, “I’m going to give you a baby.”

Just to tie up loose ends, Charlotte tells Amelia she’s still banded from the OR (unless of course, another of their friends needs help) and the battered wife calls Violet. So everyone is happy, except, of course Lucas, who now has deep, deep emotional scars. But they’ll deal with those later.

This article was written by Molly Horan an MFA student at The New School. You can find her on twitter @molly_horan.