HAVEN “Sins of the Fathers” Review

HAVEN "Sins of the Fathers" Season 2 Episode 12 (5)

HAVEN “Sins of the Fathers” Season 2, Episode 12 – Wow. What a way to end a season! Haven brought back the dead in this week’s season finale and we’re not talking about your standard zombie apocalypse here either.

Thanks to Kyle, a troubled gravedigger, Haven‘s dead come to seek revenge against those who wronged them in life. Not all of of these phantasms are out for vengeance as Sam Crocker, Chief Wuornos, and the Rev all visit the living to make sure that the new generation continues their missions.

When Audrey demands answers from Vince and Dave, they explain that she was once Lucy, and before that she was Sarah and before that, she was someone else. They don’t know exactly who she is or why she disappears and returns with the Troubles without aging or changing, but it’s clear that they had a close relationship with her when she want by a different name. Dave returns a ring to her that he says belonged to Sarah. It looked like a wedding ring, but he offered no further explanation.

Tahmoh Penikett was awesome as Duke’s dad and although it wasn’t how I had pictured Simon Crocker in my head, it clicked when Duke reminded us that his father had been dead for 27 years. Of course, Duke initially reacted to him the same way any normal person would, but everything that Simon talked about made some kind of twisted sense so it was difficult for him to dismiss as a hallucination.

Hearing Simon give his personal stories of how some of the Troubled had asked him to save/kill them so they could prevent their families from suffering from the curse really put Haven‘s Troubles into a different light. I had mentioned in my review last week that there are a lot of innocent bystanders that suffer as a result of the Troubles. Simon tells Duke that he has a responsibility to the “victims” to end the curse of the Troubles. To me it seemed like Simon believed that both the Troubled and the innocent bystanders were victims of the Haven curse.

Thanks to Dave having the Troubled gravedigger dig up that old blue cooler from the spot where it was buried, Nathan gets a second chance to talk to his father as well. Chief tells him that Nathan isn’t allowed to fall in love with Audrey, because if she loves him, she’ll be willing to take risks for him and she is too important to the town to die. Chief doesn’t explain why Audrey is so important, and Nathan doesn’t bother with specifics because he’s already fallen for Audrey and there’s nothing his father can say or do to change that.

Even dead, the Rev is still crazy. His plan to kidnap the Troubled Haven townsfolk and have Duke murder them en masse was nothing short of psychotic. Any tiny sliver of sympathy I held on to for the Rev (thinking that maybe he was a somewhat misunderstood character) completely vanished. I’m so happy that Duke made his choice not to turn against Audrey and the other Troubled townsfolk even if I think he believed the things Simon had told him. I think Duke does hold a key to removing the Troubles in Haven, but I wouldn’t want him to align himself with the Rev’s group in any way.

Desperate to save his unborn child from suffering the Troubles, Kyle throws himself on Duke’s knife and as he dies, the curse is lifted. While the Rev, Simon and Chief are fading away, they bicker about whose child will win this round of the fight. The Rev and Simon tell Duke that Audrey is a liar, but I don’t know if she even knows what to lie about.

What really disturbed me was what Simon had said about Lucy being the one who murdered him and that as Sarah, she was responsible for Duke’s grandfather’s death as well. That prompted Chief to contemptuously interject that Audrey was destined to kill Duke even if she didn’t do it with her own hands.

Although I love Nathan and I enjoyed having Chief back for a moment, there was an underlying anxiety and aggression in both of them that put me on edge. With each episode this season, Nathan has seemed more paranoid and prone to rage than he used to be. His conversation where he told Audrey that Duke was responsible for his Trouble starting up left me with a bad taste in my mouth and in that very final scene when we saw the tattoo on his arm my heart sank into my stomach. I don’t know when or where he got that tattoo and I’m still holding out hope that one shot fired was a warning shot, but it disappointed me nonetheless.

I don’t know whose side I’m on anymore and, honestly, I love that about Haven right now. I think that probably one reason Vince and Dave are split on this issue is because everyone in Haven is genuinely trying to do what they think will be best for the town. I want everyone to come out OK in the end, but I don’t even know if I believe Audrey is the one that can make that happen anymore. Dave says that Audrey is different this time. What does that mean for Haven and the Troubles? I have no idea but I do know that this season has been one crazy awesome ride and I can not wait for season 3 to pick up right where this left off.