GREY’S ANATOMY “Take the Lead” Review


GREY’S ANATOMY “Take the Lead” Season 8 Episode 3 – This week’s GREY’S ANATOMY had me quite confused. Mainly the Chief Webber storyline is what puzzled me. We know that last week he took the fall for Meredith so that she could get her job back. He told the Board that it was he who tampered with Derek’s trial to help his wife. Bailey was distraught because she thought the Chief was throwing his career away. Yet this week, he is still working at the hospital. The Board did not fire him. They did not even make him resign as Chief. So now he is still doing surgeries, but more like one of the gang. Again. So was Meredith fired because she was only a resident and the Chief not because he was higher up? Now Hunt is Chief and boy does he have his work cut out for him with Bailey. The scene between Bailey and the Chief where he told her to be happy for him and she reluctantly said “I’ll try” and then told him it would take her awhile was the best of the episode.

We are only in the third episode of the season and I find it to be very dark and depressing. There is tension and difficulties everywhere. Derek and Meredith are barely talking and he does not trust her one bit. Somehow they still think staying together is a good idea. Yang and Hunt are awkward with each other although the food poisoning seems to have helped a bit. The residents are all at each other’s throats. It seems that every few minutes or so there are scowls, barks and just general unpleasantness. This used to be a pleasant, and even fun, show.

What I did like about this episode was its premises with the residents. They all got to take the lead in surgeries with the attendings merely acting as observers unless needed. It showed us a lot about the residents and actually the attendings and the relationships between the two. We know that Altman and Yang are very much alike and neither of them know how to do a simple appendectomy. We know that Arizona does not trust Avery as much as she probably should. We know that Karev was super nervous to do his surgery and sadly it did not have good results. And we learned that Derek does not trust Meredith even when she is in surgery. It was refreshing to see the residents try to tackle something big without leaning on the attendings.

My absolute favorite part of the episode was Kepner. She is really growing on me. I think she has what it takes to be Chief Resident. She just has not found out how to work the residents. However, she is very sensitive to people and what is going on with them such as in Alex’s case. I think the talk with Callie helped and we will see an improved Chief Resident in the weeks to come.

What did you think of tonight’s espiode of Grey’s Anatomy? Do you feel like the show has gotten darker this season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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