FRINGE “One Night in October” Review

Fringe "One Night in October" Review

FRINGE “One Night in October” Season 4 Episode 2 – Tonight’s episode of FRINGE is almost better than last week’s premiere because it gives us a case that spans both universes, something I’ve look forward too since Season 3. The Fringe team is asked to help on a serial killer case, only the deaths take place in the altverse. To catch the killer, the alt-Fringe team wants to bring over our universe’s version of the killer. Over here the suspect is not a killer but a professor, who teaches about serial killers, and Olivia recruits him by telling him they need a profile of the killer before sedating him.

In the altverse the professor realizes something is wrong when he sees family pictures (of his family) in the killer’s house. Olivia and Fauxlivia explain about the two universes and the professor confesses that he had similar dark urges like the killer but found someone to help him repress them. He then escapes the house to find the killer and try to help him stop, except the killer captured him. When the professor and the killer talk, they realize that their lives diverted based on the events of one night in October. The killer decides to steal the professor’s happy memories (which is how he kills his victims), but the Fringe team intervenes and kills him before its too late. The professor is returned to our world, but has no memory of what happened to him nor of the ones the killer took from him.

Outside of the main storyline, Walter struggles dealing with seeing images of Peter, going as far as to cover all the reflective surfaces in the lab. He’s calmed down some by the end of the episode, but as he goes to sleep he starts to hear Peter’s voice asking for his help. As we black out, Walter is huddling in a corner completely freaked out.

Although its still fresh from viewing, I have a feeling that “One Night in October” is going to become one of my all time favorite episodes of Fringe, it’s that good. It told a great story with the main case and still subtly moved along the larger storylines of missing Peter and the two universes without really focusing on them. Let’s start with this week’s mystery first. Since we started seeing the two universes on Fringe last season I wondered if they would ever have a case cross over, and this week delivered on that hope. I love how you had this real difference between the professor and the killer at first, and then realize that at their base they really are the same person. The scene with the two of them discussing the events of that fateful night in October was well written and shot, it highlighted the concept that a small decision can have a huge impact in either universe. These decisions and their imapct are an overarching theme when dealing with the two universes (e.g. Walter “kidnapping” Peter leads to this fight between the universes), and this episode highlights it nicely. Kudos to Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen who wrote this episode for a job nicely done.

The other big key to this episode was how it starts to give us an idea of just how altered the timelines became when the Observers erased Peter. The first and most obvious example was that Colonel Broyles from the alterverse is alive and apparently running the alt-Fringe team with an iron fist. Instead of the Fringe team going to the alterverse to get Peter, it appears that Fauxlivia had kidnapped Olivia and then pretended to be her to steal Doomsday Device parts. No Peter means Fauxlivia doesn’t become pregnant, hence she’s still with her boyfriend. We even get a cryptic comment from Olivia that she had killed her stepdad (in the original timeline she had shot him when she was 9 but he survived). I love this because the writers and producers now have the ability to really shake things up if they want, though I have to wonder what they will when Peter eventually returns. Will things go back to where they were? Will Peter just be reinserted into the new timeline? Will it be a combination of the two? I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Just a quick comment on how great it was to have Olivia/Fauxlivia scenes this week. Anna Torv is great actress and on screen you just get a real great feeling about how different these two characters are even when they’re played by the same person. There were some scenes tonight where Olivia was being very serious and businesslike and Fauxlivia had a smile like a cat that ate the canary, it was funny and at the same time looked very natural.

My Favorite Parts of Tonight’s Episode:

– Walter on Fauxlivia pretending to be Olivia: “She bought my ignorance with baked goods….”
– Lincoln being called Kennedy by Walter (hopefully a new running gag like Astrid’s name was)
– Astrid to Olivia: “Do you ever think your type doesnt exist?” (It’s an obvious foreshadow but an awesome line)
– Walter zoning out to Mozart like in the classic Maxell tape ad (
– Alt-Charlie married Mona the Bug Lady (from Bloodline and Immortality in Season 3)
– Alt-verse has gas at 99 cents?! Sign me up.

What did you think about “One Night in October”? Were you happy with the two Olivias being together again? What do you think about the changes to the timeline? Do you think Walter will be able to handle anymore signals from Peter? Let me know in the comments section below.

Next week the Fringe team tries to find a young boy who may be inadvertently killing people he meets. Tune in to Fox next Friday, October 7 at 9PM to see the next episode of Fringe, “Alone in the World”.