CSI: NY “Keep It Real” Review

CSI: NY "Keep It Real" Season 8 Episode 2 (1)

CSI: NY “Keep it Real” – Season 8 Episode 2 – Well, that was quick. “Keep it Real”, CSI: NY‘s latest episode, features the triumphant return of Mac Taylor! That’s right, after managing to stay away from the crime lab for a whole episode, he’s finally made it back to the team! While I’m glad he’s back, I think it’s a bit silly that he “left” in the first place. I get that they had to do something drastic in last season’s premiere with his character, as there was a possibility that the show wouldn’t return, but they could have ran with it and kept him away for a few episodes at least.

Well, I guess we’re just going to go along with it. Mac returned to a case involving a man being shot in his apartment while his punk rock girlfriend was asleep in the other room. Or so they thought, until it looked like she actually entered the crime scene after he was shot. A few more twists and turns later, and we find out that the victim was caught up in printing counterfeit bills.

If the CSI: NY writers don’t have the guts to keep Mac away from the crime lab, at least they’re keeping Danny away from the team for the time being. I’m enjoying him as Sergeant Messer, and trying to live vicariously through the members of the team. I hope he comes back to the team eventually, but that they take their time to do it.

So in the end, we find out that the music store owner was the one who killed Michael. I was a bit disappointed in this, because as soon as I saw Jake Busey in Miranda’s flashback, I suspected him immediately since he was the only recognizable actor in the episode. Josh and Miranda were played by nobodies, so casting somebody as recognizable as Busey was a bit of a mistake. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy his performance, as he’s a very quirky and entertaining actor (Just like his dad), I’m just saying it gave too much away.

Overall this was a serviceable episode of CSI: NY, and I hope that future episodes will continue to play on the changing dynamics in the crime lab.

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Random Thoughts:

– Do you have to get the rights from The Ramones to cover their song? Or do covers not require rights?

– I was hoping upon hope that Mac and Doctor Snappy-glasses would get through a whole conversation without showing him snap those freaking glasses. I guess that was just too much to hope for.

– Did anybody else feel like every single camera angle of the tattoo artist was engineered to get us the best view of that girl’s cleavage? Maybe it’s just my dirty mind, but either way, I couldn’t tell you a single thing they were saying in that scene.