THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Where are Stefan, Elena and Damon headed? Exec. Producer Julie Plec Teases All And More

In addition to getting an early peek at tonight’s episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Executive Producer Julie Plec took some time to answer a few burning questions from reporters in attendance.

On why Klaus took an interest in Stefan

We are going to start seeing the roots of Klaus’ character and in addition to what you will find out in tonight’s episode, “The End of the Affair,” this is not the last of Klaus’ history that we will get.

In fact, the mother is someone that we will meet in a flashback in a future episode, in addition to some of Klaus’ siblings. And you will be happy to know that Elijah will be back (in a flashback of course).

However don’t expect to meet all of Klaus’ siblings. Julie Plec explained that they originally were thinking of introducing all seven of them, but soon realized it would be too many new characters to include in the story.

On Elena and Stefan

Plec explained that we would continue to see the theme of Elena trying to save Stefan, but that she will soon recognize “the realities of learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your own life by saving someone else’s.”

On Elena and Damon

Even though we haven’t yet had confirmation from Elena of her feelings for Damon, Plec teased that this would be eliminated in episode 4 “Disturbing Behavior” to air on October 6th.

Even more, Plec teased that Elena’s friends and family would address the chemistry between her and Damon (squee!).

On Caroline and Tyler

If you are a fan of these two, you will be happy to know that we’ll get to see them together for a while, but of course something will go terribly wrong and unfortunately they will struggle with their relationship.

On Bonnie returning

Bonnie will return from her vacation with the “normal” side of her family in episode 4 “Disturbing Behavior.” However, Jeremy still hasn’t told her about the ghosts and Bonnie will have to deal with the emotional consequences of brining Jeremy back to life.

On the ghosts

When asked about the ghost Julie Plec responded, “There is an agenda happening with our ghosts.”

And in case you were wondering, the ghosts are not limited to Vicki and Anna.

On Matt

If you are a fan of Matt, then you should be looking forward to episode 5 “The Reckoning,” scheduled to air on October 13th. According to Julie Plec, it is “so sad, beautiful and wonderful.” The episode is set the weekend before they start their senior year in High School and it’s going to be bittersweet for Matt because “there was a sense of life he’s had that he’s really lost over the two seasons of our show and it’s really hurting him. We get to explore that in a beautiful and tragic way.”

As for a new possible love interest? Well I’ll let Julie Plec answer that one:

“Matt’s gotta get laid this year!”

So the answer is… maybe.

On the very exciting Halloween episode

While it’s not Halloween in the show, Julie Plec said that they had a lot of fun with the episode and that they went all out. (I cannot wait to see what “all out” means!)

On Sebastian Roche’s character

While Julie Plec was pretty tight lipped about Sebastian Roche’s character (whom you will meet in tonight’s episode), she did mention that Stefan would start asking questions about him such as who he is and why is Klaus so afraid of him.

And that’s all I have for you right now, but if that’s not enough to get you excited how about I leave you with my favorite quote from the Q&A:

“There’s gonna be all kinds of crazy shit that hits the fan.” -Julie Plec

Don’t forget to tune in tonight for an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries at 8pm on The CW.