THE MENTALIST “Little Red Book” Review

THE MENTALIST (CBS) "Little Red Book" Season 4 Episode 2

THE MENTALIST “Little Red Book” Season 4 Episode 2 – Things may have moved pretty fast in last week’s season premiere, but in this episode they have basically come to a standstill. Rather than put the team back to work, Bertram has decided to blame Lisbon for the whole Red John thing. Rigsby has been reduced to working security, Van Pelt is in therapy for having to shoot her fiancé and Cho is just trying to keep his job.

Jane is sent to work with a new team but he’s not having any of it. So what does Jane do? He decides to make the new team’s life a living hell, of course. But in true Jane style he does it in the sneakiest way possible – egging everyone against each other while he sits back calmly with his cup of tea. Jane also recruits the rest of Lisbon’s team into helping him get her back and of course, his devious plan works and all are reunited in the end.

Meanwhile on the Red John front, Carter’s wife kills herself in prison and leaves a note saying that she had devoted her life to Red John. But then Jane gets a blind woman who supposedly knew Red John to “identify” his body in the morgue – except that she says it’s not him.

So much for my hope that maybe Jane would come to his senses this week and realize he was wrong. Now I have to wonder if, like Lisbon said, Jane is indeed looking for a man he already killed. Every clue that points to Red John being dead seems to open a door to him possibly being alive, which then leads to another clue that he could be dead..and so on and so on.

Um, can we just go back to Jane being his wacky self and solve some cases? My head hurts too much for the other stuff.

My favorite bits..

“This man is dead. I’m all but certain of it.”

Lisbon is still in physical therapy? Yep, it’s official. Last week we saw the shortest murder trial in the history of this state.

Aw, poor Rigsby. He’s doing security for the precinct now? Ouch.

A twenty year old muscle car? Wait. Were they making muscle cars in 1990? I’m confused.

Loving once again the way Cho has no problem telling people the truth. He’s damn right, Jane is smarter than he is and Ray and me and…pretty much everyone else.

Laughing at the way Jane was egging on the little guy.

Laughing even harder at Jane’s head popping in and out of frame while he “worked out” on that machine.

Jane making the chick fall off the treadmill.

“My money’s on the little guy.” – Oh Jane, you naughty man, you.

Oh, I think I may like this Ray guy. He totally figured out Jane’s game. Nice.

Not being able to control the bark of laughter that escaped me when Jane asked Cho “C’mon, when have I steered you wrong?”

Jane gathering the team to work on getting Lisbon’s job back. Yeah!

“I will deal with you in a minute!” – Wow, that was so very mom-like, Lisbon.

Lisbon obviously feeling a little touched when she saw that her team was willing to risk their own careers for her.

The look on my face matching Van Pelt’s when the woman tried to claim that her new diet had caused her to kill. If I killed someone every time I was grumpy because I was on a diet..well let’s just say I’d have a lot less friends now.

LOL, oops. Guess I was wrong about Ray being able to handle Jane. Touche Jane, touché!

Jane promising Bertram that he will continue to have a problem until Lisbon was around to handle him.

Lisbon telling Jane that not dealing with him every day has been very restful. LOL.

Wait. Red John’s body is still sitting around in the morgue? After the murder trial?? *brain implodes*

Not being able to decipher Jane’s look once he found out that the man in the morgue wasn’t the same man Rosalind knew.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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