SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: The Official Supernatural Season 6 Companion Book Review

Supernatural - Official Season 6 Companion

I’ve been reading and reviewing a lot of the Supernatural tie-in novels recently, but this is the first time that Daemon’s TV was asked to review one of the Official Companion books. I’d never read one before so I thought “what the heck?” and signed up for it.

I’m really glad that I did. The reason I’d never read one of these companion books before is I honestly didn’t think they would be all that exciting. I mean it’s a book about a season of the show I’ve already seen. I’ve already watched all the episodes multiple times, what more would I need from a book?

The other reason I didn’t have much interest is that I figured these books would basically be one writer’s opinion of the season and their interpretation of what happened on the show. I’ve discovered in my time as a reviewer that though we all watch the same episodes, our opinions of what happened and why can vary greatly from person to person. Why would I want to read someone else’s opinion of the show when I already have my own?

Turns out I was wrong, on all counts.

Regarding my initial protest about there being nothing new in a book like this; there is a TON of new stuff in this book. Within the first couple of chapters I had learned things I never knew about the series and what went on behind the scenes last year. I consider myself pretty well educated when it comes to most things Supernatural and I try to keep up with the latest news, spoilers, etc. I really thought I had a handle on what went on in the series last season but I was soon disabused of that notion after reading facts and figures about the storylines, characters and various monsters that I’d never heard before.

In regards to my second protest about the entire book being filled by another writer’s opinion of the series; yeah, I was totally wrong on that one, too. Turns out that most of this book is in fact written in the words of the writers, directors and actors themselves. Made up of what must have been hours of interviews, the story of the sixth season of Supernatural is told by those who lived it.

Overall I’d say that reading this book has added to my enjoyment of watching Supernatural, no doubt about it. Going into season 7 with all this new knowledge is going to help me understand what is happening this year and has me even more excited for the rest of this season…even more than I was already.

Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 6 was released by Titan Books this past Tuesday, you can now purchase it on Amazon.

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