PERSON OF INTEREST “Ghosts” Season 1 Episode 2 – Person of Interest started its second episode with a really cool opening credits scene. The credits sequence looks very flashy, and adequately explains the premise of the show while getting you excited about the show

The second episode, in many ways, is the most important episode for shows like this. The pilot lays out the rules, introduces the characters and their motivations, and tells us what the parameters of the show will be. The second episode, “Ghosts”, is an indicator of what kind of show this is really going to be. Not every episode can be like the pilot and introduce so many new dynamics, so we now get to see what we’ll be getting for the rest of the series.

And as it turns out, I’m all for more episodes like this! The person of interest this week, Theresa, had her number come up just like Diane from last week’s episode. The twist is, Theresa is supposed to have been dead for two years. I was a bit concerned last week when it seemed that the persons of interest would just be normal people that Reese and Finch would research, but it’s fun twists like these that will help keep this series fresh.

We got to learn quite a bit more about Finch’s character. Seeing that he works as a cubicle dweller in his own company is pretty great. He didn’t really explain exactly why he works this job, although I guess it’s as good a way as any to keep tabs on your company.

We also got a good feel on how the character of Lionel, the dirty cop, will play into the series. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to buy him doing all of this work because he’s scared of being reported. I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually start doing the work with Reese because he wants to help people, but I guess it’s going to take a while for him to come around.

It turns out the reason Theresa is being targeted is because she’s the sole heir of a very valuable piece of land. It was a great reveal that resulted in a very exciting and tense final scene as Theresa and Finch tried to run from Theresa’s hit man. It was a bit cheesy that Theresa chose to die next to Finch, a man she had just barely met a few hours prior. Also it was very convenient that Reese happened to shoot the killer just in time, but that’s TV for you!

The final scene was great. I’m glad that we’re slowly learning more about Finch, but it was nice for him to tell Reese that he’s still a very private person. There’s obviously a lot more to learn about both of these characters, and I’m happy to keep watching!

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Random Thoughts:

– Do you think Michael Emerson talks like this all the time? Or is that just the cadence he uses for film and TV?

– How come when people call somebody’s iPhone on a TV show, it never looks like an iPhone actually does when it’s called. Are they not allowed to do that or what?

– How on EARTH did Reese know he wasn’t going to kill that guy when he slammed into him with a Mack truck? That’s the magic of TV, I guess.