HOT TO BE A GENTLEMAN Series Premiere Advance Review


CBS debuts its latest comedy, HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, tonight at 8:30 pm ET. How To Be a Gentleman stars David Hornsby as Andrew Carlson, a journalist with a column aptly titled How to Be a Gentlman and in which he dispenses advice that seems to be lost on the current generation. Dave Foley also stars as Andrew’s boss, Jerry, who tells Andrew that according to new management, his column has to be redone and updated with new material. Luckily, Andrew’s sister Janet, played by Mary Ann Rajskub, buys him a gym membership where he runs into an old foe and new friend in Burt Lancy, played by Kevin Dillon. Burt is the exact opposite of Andrew in every way and is intent on helping Andrew turn into a man, as well as a gentleman.

Although I had not read too much about this show before watching the pilot, the casting intrigued me. David Horsnby is the creator and writer as well as the main star. He notably co-produced It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, an excellent show. Then you add Kevin Dillon and Dave Foley and you should have comedic gold. Unfortunately, How To Be A Gentleman falls flat. In fact, it feels just about as old and dated as the characters reference Andrew to be.

I believe that David Hornsby was attempting to be Dave Foley’s character in NewsRadio, but it does not work. While there were some amusing lines, the delivery fell flat. Andrew’s voice seems to drone without inflection. The only time there seemed to be any life in the show was when Kevin Dillon or Mary Ann Rajskb were on the screen. Unfortunately, that was not enough in the 30 minute run time. Perhaps, now that a relationship has been established between Andrew and Burt, there will be more Kevin Dillon. However, I am not sure if even he can carry the show.

For me, at least, CBS seems to be missing the marks with its comedies this season although it has excelled with its dramas. How To Be A Gentleman is not something I will tune into every week and I won’t even bother DVRing. This is definitely a pass for me.

If you tune in to the premiere of CBS’ How To Be A Gentleman tonight, come back here and tell me if you agree. Yay or nay on this one? Talk to me.

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