Flashback To The 1920s, Meet Stefan The Ripper – THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The End of The Affair” Advance Review

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES‘ last episode “Hybrid” left us on quite the cliffhanger (“Daddy” who saw that one coming?!) and tonight’s episode “The End of The Affair” is a flashback episode that will take us back to the 1920s and meet ripper Stefan. Thanks to the folks at The CW, a few reporters (myself included) got a chance to take an early look at the episode and let me tell you there are so many exciting things happening and so many revelations that I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to tease this.

Alright so let me just start with in this episode Klaus and Stefan head to Chicago and return to one of the establishments Stefan used to frequent in the 1920s and that’s when we start with the flashbacks. We meet ripper Stefan during his wild times and we also meet a new vampire, Rebekah, and that’s pretty much all I’ll say about that.

The episode has a mix of flashbacks and present time storyline, but the interesting thing is that the flashbacks drive what happens in the present time and if you love big reveals, you’ll get plenty in this episode. In fact if you were wondering why Klaus took such an interest in Stefan, that will be answered in “The End of the Affair.”

As for Caroline, we met her father Bill last episode and while I really can’t say too much without spoiling it, I can tell you that we’ll find out his intentions pretty fast and let’s just say they’re not pretty.

Oh and for Supernatural and Fringe fans you might be interested to know that Sebastian Roche makes his first appearance in this episode. I think I had kind of an OMG moment when I saw him.

And as for one of my favorite scenes of the episode, I have three words:

Elena. Stefan. Closet.

Overall, “The End of The Affair” is another strong episode for The Vampire Diaries this season and reminds me why I love this show so much. There were so many reveals and new information packed in this episode, it gives the season somewhat of a new direction and I cannot wait for episode 4.

So don’t forget to tune in tonight, September 29th, for an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries at 8pm on The CW and come back here to check out our post episode review.

Finally, let me leave you with a quote from the episode:

“Chicago is a magical place.” -Klaus