CRIMINAL MINDS “Proof” Season 7 Episode 3 – Watching this episode I couldn’t help but feel how the pitch meeting went, when the writer first expressed the idea for this episode: hey, what if a mentally ill man who has serial killer urges and isn’t so mentally ill that he can’t cover up his crimes and behaviour yet carries around a video camera to express his well thought out schemes and various urges taunts his kindly brother who takes care of him when he needs the help and whose wife he is infatuated with by kidnapping his brother’s teenager daughter (his niece) to fulfil his passionate and extremely violent urges for his brother’s wife whom he had a brief sexual encounter with back when they were teenagers and now cannot stop thinking about. Oh, and his weapon of choice will be sulphuric acid and the scenes of torture will be close ups which aren’t so gross since this is network television but will feature plenty of extreme close ups into the victims’ screaming mouths, just to get the effect. How do you like that idea for an episode?

Oh, and we’ll throw in some moments which could actually be amazing and could elevate Criminal Minds to a must see show: the small moments of conflict between Reid and JJ which adds layers of complexities to their characters and the relationship between their characters.

This episode was disgusting. It was misogynistic and exploitative, violent for titillation’s sake. It reminded me of the way Gaspar Noe makes films: he uses violence with a purpose. In his controversial film Irreversible, he shoots an extreme close up of a man getting his face smashed in with a fire extinguisher. Later, in the same film, there is a notorious seven minute long, single shot rape scene. These scenes are not for titillation. They’re deprave and sad and earth shattering. They’ll turn you into a pacifist, or at least make you shudder when you think of someone committing an act of violence. This episode was just abhorrent.

Random observations:

Garcia’s Deus Ex Machina is much better than actual detective work and clever twits, don’t you know? “Hey baby girl. I need you to work that magic for me. I opened up Tammy Bradstone’s computer and I need you to check her emails and anyone she may have Skyped.”

Also, she wears the same dress her mom wore to her Homecoming? What?

“It’s the same reason why people do anything. They feel like it. They like the way it feels.” Oh so now he’s a hedonist as well as a mentally ill serial killer.

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