CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Runway Angels” Review

CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Runway Angels” Season 1 Episode 2 – As the title “Runway Models” suggests, this week’s episode of Charlie’s Angels delves into the world of Miami fashion models when the Angels are hired to investigate the disappearance of a small-town girl with big-city dreams.

After cooking up an elaborate cover story that involves some seriously detailed planning and heavy string-pulling by good old Charlie, Abby cons her way into a gorgeous home full of struggling models, the same house that their missing client lived in. Turns out the models are actually being paid to marry rich criminals in order to secure them green cards and the missing girl was murdered by her husband after she discovered he was actually a hit man bent on gunning down the Russian president’s wife to avenge his own wife’s death.

See, normally I would love ridiculous plots like this, but the cliches, clunky dialogue and the continued use of the split-screen editing makes it almost impossible for the show to work its way up in my estimation.

This week we meet Kate’s former fiancee, a very upstanding cop who dumped her after she was arrested. He’s on the same case as the Angels and not too happy that his one-time lover is bending all the rules in order to solve the murder. As for how Kate feels about him, I suppose the gasp she makes upon seeing him for the first time is proof that she’s not quite over him. So then why, when he asks for a fresh start once the case is over, does she give him back his ring with some lame justification about not needing his approval? Or was it that she does need his approval? Honestly, I couldn’t say. During the whole scene I kept trying to figure out what kind of restaurant they were in. Cuban? Seafood?

Bosley continues to be adorable and that’s at least something in the show’s favor. But other than that, this could have been any episode of CSI Miami. They never follow the rules either. Actually, most TV cops don’t bother with the rulebook. So I guess the appeal of Charlie’s Angels comes down to fabulous clothes, expensive cars and elaborate undercover missions.

For their sake, I hope that’s enough to keep a viewing audience happy.

What did you think of the episode? Were you amused to see a suspect finally catch one the Angels talking to herself? Is anyone else craving a crab roll and a mojito? Let me know below!