Channel 4 Picks Up Additional Episodes Of 24 HOURS IN THE ER

Channel 4 has picked up another season of the hit series 24 HOURS IN THE ER (also known in the UK as 24 Hours in the A&E). The medical series has drawn roughly 3.2 million viewers.

The network plans to air an additional 14 episodes of the show that chronicles the daily traumas at the King’s College Hospital in London. 24 Hours in the ER will continue to once again provide viewers with an inside look at patients that are admitted for scary brain injuries, strokes, gun and knife wounds and more, all through the view of seventy cameras.

Produced through The Garden Productions, Chief Executive Magnus Temple issued a statement over the pick up of 24 Hours. “A second series commission is a huge tribute to the talent of the production team as well as the staff at King’s, whose work has made such compelling television over the last fourteen weeks”.

Hamish Mykura of Channel 4 also praised the insightful series. “Week after week this series, made by some of Britain’s top documentary production talent, has proven it is possible to reveal, in intimate detail, the amazing and moving stories of frontline NHS staff and the patients whose lives often hang in the balance.”

The location of where 24 Hours In The ER will be filmed next has not been announced as of yet.