ARCHER “Heart of Archness Part 3” Review

Archer (FX) "Heart of Archness"ARCHER “Heart of Archness” Season 3, Episode 3 – Ah, the life of a Pirate King, beautiful woman, food, drink… Anger, rage, mutiny. At least that’s the life of the Pirate King ARCHER-style in “Heart of Archness, Part 3”. When we last left him, he and Rip Riley – one-time rescuer, turned prisoner, turned rescuer now prisoner again – were in the Pirate Dungeon, joined by the ISIS rescue team of Lana and Ray. Things could be going worse though, it’s not like Cyril embezzled all the potential ransoms money, squirreled it away in a Swiss Bank account and forgot the password.

Oh, wait. He did.

Archer is being held by the pirates, and the pirates are trying to get ransom out of his mother. Of course, while Malory wants Sterling back, she is less thrilled about the rest of the team. While she negotiates with Bucky the Pirate, Cyril desperately tries to remember the password to the Swiss bank accounts. Back on the island, the escape plan is going well, Archer’s cunning plan goes as well as all his plans go. Which is… not well at least for his friends. Ray is down, Lana is wounded, Rip has a spoon in his eye and Noah, the anthropologist slave has his psyche wounded and is forced to leave the only extant copy of his dissertation behind. (Oh, the horror!) Then… On the way out… Ray’s dying but Sterling’s lacrosse team is playing in the the South Pacific Championships. Choices, choices. Should Lana save Sterling? What will happen at ISIS? What about all that nakedness?

Archer has delivered an episode that was practically perfect in every way. “Heart of Archness” pulled together everything that makes Archer great, and put it all together into a magnificent threesome that really has to be savored more than once to be truly appreciated. There is so much over the course of the three episodes that it’s almost impossible to consider any single one of them, they are a whole, a complete episode that is beyond fabulous. The sheer genius of the talent on Archer puts most of the other comedy out there to shame, not just animation, but all of it. Archer is a force to be reckoned with.

Sadly, “Heart of Archness” is all we get until January 2012. An evil teaser to make us want more Archer now, and deny us answers of the many questions until the new year. Pure evil if you ask me. So, I will sit here, looking longingly at my On Demand menu, waiting for the episodes to make there way there so I can watch them all again, savoring them like fine wine. Farewell for now, Sterling, we’ll be waiting.

Archer is what TV should be, and so rarely is. Entertaining, funny, fast-paced action with equally fast-paced banter that all combines into the one of the best shows on television. Period.

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