SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC “Reap What You Sow” Review

Survivor: South Pacific “Reap What You Sow”, Season 23 Episode 3 – Survivor: South Pacific started its newest episode, “Reap What You Sow”, by showing us Christine’s reaction to being sent to Redemption Island. Really, her reaction is a great explanation of why she is there in the first place. Saying that your tribe isn’t “ready for someone who’s playing the game from day one” and that “Coach just didn’t like {her}”. Both of these statements are BS. It’s completely a good strategy to NOT be all about the game from day one. It singles you out as overly aggressive and makes you look like a threat. Also, the reason Coach doesn’t like you is because the very first thing you said in this game was a threatening statement against him. What did you think he was going to do?

Next we got to the first duel. At first I thought it would be tough to watch, since I hate both players equally. However, Semhar tipped the scales in her favor by reciting some awkward spoken word poetry before the challenge. Thank the tiki gods for knocking that totem down. See you at the reunion Semhar, and I’m sorry that the rest of the contestants didn’t shower you with hugs and adoration. Survivor is tough, sweetheart. Learn what you’re up against.

The whole Brandon being Russell’s nephew issue continues to bother me. I’m not sure why everybody reacted so harshly to the announcement. Are they aware that uncles and nephew often are nothing alike? Maybe if he was Russell’s son, then he might share some of his personality traits or attributes. But he’s not. He’s his nephew. It’s like if somebody said they’re Hitler’s grandchild, you wouldn’t automatically assume he’s an anti-semetic monster, because that’s stupid.

What you should be doing is judging Brandon by his own stupid actions, and there were plenty of those in this game as well. Not only did he make a huge deal about revealing who his uncle was, but he had a second big speech at the tribe detailing his beef with Mikayla. Somebody needs to tell him that making a big dramatic speech and saying that you don’t want any drama sends a bit of a mixed signal.

This leads us into the reward/immunity challenge, which was one of the best ones I have ever seen on this game. Not only did we have an awesome boogie board race to retrieve puzzle pieces, but it was all capped off by a really great puzzle. I’m a big fan of challenges that the viewer can actually somewhat participate in by being able to visually tell how far along the puzzles are.

The results of tribal council was a no-brainer. They tried to make us think that there was a swerve at the end by introducing Cochran’s name to the mix, but it turned out to be just a diversion.

Only three episodes into the 23rd season and we’ve seen some great challenges, exciting tribal councils, and crazy players. Survivor is still going strong after all this time!

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Random Thoughts:

– I feel kind of bad for Brandon that he doesn’t even have an occupation listed next to his name. It just says “Brandon – Russell Hantz’ Nephew”. The guy has a job, CBS!

– I really could have watched Papa Bear sprinting for an hour straight. I like to imagine him running after burglars like that as a member of the NYPD.

– I think Russell Hantz’ broke this game in a way. He was so good at being able to find immunity idols without clues, that he did it multiple times. Before that, nobody even tried to find an idol without a clue. They just figured it would be impossible. I kind of wish that the idols were hidden so well now that you absolutely NEED a clue to find one. They need to be buried or something.