SONS OF ANARCHY “Una Venta” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “Una Venta” Season 4 Episode 4 – The sons deliver the first order of guns to Romero in Arizona, but the local SAMTAZ may be more of a hinderance than a help. After finding out the club is dealing crank, Clay and the guys set out to find out the truth behind a member’s leaving and a murder than may be related to it.

They learn that not everyone was happy with the idea of dealing drugs, and that two members of SAMTAZ, the pair who first proposed dealing, forced the vote to go their way. They killed one member and blackmailed another to leave, leading to a close but decidable outcome. When Clay and the guys find out what happened and expose the pair to the rest of SAMTAZ, they expect a revote to clear up the situation. Instead, SAMTAZ opts to keep dealing. ‘Guys got a taste of the money, Clay,’ the president explains.

With the exception of one slight hiccup (dealt with in an explosive fashion), the delivery goes smoothly and SAMCRO is soon in the possession of 30 kilos of uncut Columbian cocaine. The episode ends with the sons looking at the crate. Bobby is still disgusted by the idea of SAMCRO being involved with drugs, but the others show hints that maybe, just maybe, the money is calling to them too.

Back in Charming, Piney approaches Tara about an earlier discussion they had regarding John Teller. He shut her down then, but now he’s open to talking. Tara tells him that John wanted SAMCRO to end their gun running and had set up a meeting with the Irish, and that he had died before the meeting could take place. She doesn’t get to say much more – Gemma arrives and Piney takes ill. Later, when he’s recovering, Gemma warns him to stop digging around ‘before it kills [him]’.

In what was probably my favourite part of this episode, Gemma made a new tentative alliance this week. She heads for the local florists shop apparently to get advice about her lilies. Here she meets Rita, Sheriff Roosevelt’s wife. They bond somewhat over the imminent closure of the town gardens – to make way for the new Charming Heights project – and Gemma puts in her money to help out, using Tara’s name and reputation as a doctor to give it some clout. It’s a situation that Roosevelt won’t be happy about, but Rita doesn’t seem overly concerned about that. In fact, she seems like quite the force to be reckoned with. I hope we see a lot more of her.

Finally, Linc Potter (who uses two aliases this week, by the way) visits Otto in jail. Poor Otto is in a right state, silent and still, languishing in solitary. Linc comes with news – Bobby’s semen was found in Louanne’s underwear after her death. ‘[I]n most cases, 87.9% actually, the person having sex with the victim is the perpetrator’. Otto doesn’t speak and Linc makes his exit, leaving crime scene photos of Louanne behind. Otto touches them and cries.

This episode was good, though I mostly enjoyed the stuff happening back at home. The gun delivery/drug pickup and the drug/SAMTAZ plots were good but very on the nose. Regular viewers will probably be able to imagine the chaos that could (and probably will) go down in SAMCRO thanks to the drug running, so did we really need to see an example of it?

The one really interesting part of the whole situation, though, was how Huff seemed to smell blood when he shook Clay’s hand and realised how bad his arthritis was getting. Everyone knows Clay’s riding days are drawing to a close, they can sense him weakening. I can’t imagine someone telling him to effectively stay out of SAMTAZ business because it’s ‘not his club’ back in season 1, can you?

Linc Potter is a glorious bastard. The scene with Otto was horrific and yet I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. Or maybe it’s a love to hate situation. He seems like the kind of guy who could so easily have been on the wrong side of the law, and he’s starting to feel as dangerous as Stahl, if not more so. He’s just as calculating but he’s nice and intriguing and he can do things like share a fleeting moment with Gemma Teller without raising her suspicion. Here’s hoping he doesn’t suffer the same fate as Stahl!

And finally, Piney wants to know more about John’s plans. Bobby is still unhappy about the drug running. Fractures are forming that will split the club in two, and they are obviously edging towards the opposite side to Clay. Where will everyone else end up?

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