HAPPY ENDINGS Season 2 Premiere Advance Review

HAPPY ENDINGS returns with the premiere of its second season tonight on ABC. The premiere moves us forward to the one year anniversary of the day that Alex left Dave at the altar. The gang, still together, decide to celebrate with disastrous and somewhat life threatening results. A lie is also revealed. The result is Alex and Dave’s promise to be entirely truthful with each other. Again with disasterous and somewhat life threatening results. You know the saying “honesty is the best policy”? That may not be true with this crew.

In other news, Penny has decided to branch off into home ownership. Unfortunately she believes a neighbor’s exaggerated theory that the condo is haunted and causes single women to become sad and old lonely spinsters. Soon, Penny encounters weird circumstances that make her suspect she is headed down the same road.

The other story revolves around Max’s jealousy that Brad has other friends. To get even, he finds some other friends of his own. This leads to some of the best lines of the night, but I will let you hear those for yourself.

The first season of Happy Endings had a strong premise – what happens when a couple that brings a group of friends together breaks up? How do the friends choose sides and should they? Now that the gang has basically stuck together, the question is whether Happy Endings can sustain a second season without the tension and questions of the first season. If the premiere episode offers any clue, then I think Happy Endings will be fine. A weekly dose of Elisha Cuthbert certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Tune in tonight to the premiere of the second season of Happy Endings on ABC at 9:30 pm ET/PT and then come back here and tell me what you thought. Do you think the second season will be as good as the first? I think Happy Endings might go the route of Cougar Town. It started with one premise but is truly about the core group and their interaction. At least I hope that is what will happen. Tell me what you think down below.

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