CSI “Tell-Tale Hearts” Review

CSI “Tell-Tale Hearts”, Season 12 Episode 2 – CSI returned this week with an opening scene featuring two young lovers making out in a car. You just know that when two young, attractive people are making out in a car at night all by themselves, something bad is about to go down. Shockingly, “Tell-Tale Hearts” did not have these two likely victims killed, instead they were sprinkled with the victim’s blood while they were kissing. Gross.

It turns out that a whole family was murdered in their quiet suburb in an eco-friendly home, and their blood was being sprayed all over the place by their fancy recycling sprinkler system. When the CSI team thought they found the right guy within the first 10 minutes, the rest of the case was complicated by not one, but two more people also confessing to the same murder.

I have to say I was a bit surprised that we didn’t get to find out what happened at the impromptu breakfast date that Danson’s character called at the end of the last episode. I know that the CSI shows aren’t known for their continuity, but they’re trying to introduce a brand new lead actor here. I would have liked to have known what he said to his team at the end of the last episode that made Catherine and the rest of the squad act like nothing had happened when this episode began. I normally wouldn’t care so much about trifling little things like character development and good writing on a show as pedestrian as CSI, but with Danson introducing such a different energy to the mix, we need a better understanding of how his presence is affecting morale.

Speaking of changes to the team, I’m a fan of Ecklie’s daughter. She’s cute, smart, and doesn’t try to do that whole “tough girl” act that we’ve see so many other cast members do. I hope she sticks around more than previous recurring characters have.

The case resolved when one of the suspect was shot, another killed himself, and the other ended up confessing to the actual crime. I liked the whole “Strangers on a Train” side to the case, although I was surprised that the team didn’t think of that as a possibility for so long.

This was an OK episode of CSI, but I hope we get to know Danson a little better in the next couple episodes.

Random Thoughts:

– Do those eco-friendly houses really exist where the water from the shower is recycled through the sprinkler system? That would definitely make you think twice about peeing in the shower…

– Does anybody else watch Project Runway? if you do, you’ll recognize the song playing during the ballistics scene as being “Who Do You Belong To?” by The Sheepdogs. This was the unsigned band that the designers made clothes for last week. Good for them for getting some exposure!

– Did they ever explain why the girl that stabbed the mom told the cops that she stabbed her with a knife, when she was the one that stabbed her with the shower rod? This didn’t make sense to me.