WEEDS “Do Her/Don’t Do Her” Review

WEEDS “Do Her/Don’t Do Her” Season 7 Episode 13 – The season finale of Weeds was much as you expected it to end, much as you hoped it would not: nothing changed. Silas did not splinter and form a coalition against Nancy. He and Nancy kissed and made up and that was the end of that. Nancy’s sister came round and she and Nancy spent the whole time bickering, and not in that witty nasty way siblings bickered on Arrested Development, but in cheap, convoluted way, like siblings bicker on…well, on Weeds.

It’s the constant problem Weeds is always faced with: the show cannot change and it refuses to change and is stuck in a cyclical universe where Nancy always remains top dog, Silas and Shane are her abused puppies too ignorant and helpless to get themselves out of a fix unless it suits the plot, Andy is stuck hanging around and acting useless, and Doug hangs out with them for no other reason than the actor is a nice guy.

It all adds up to a sucky finale where Mary Louise Parker has to bare her ass to three four eyes who are there for no reason whatsoever. Who were those guys? Why were they written into the show? Why was so much of the finale focused on them playing “would you do her?”

Instead of breaking up with Silas and letting the show really splinter and try something it’s never done before, the show remains the exact same except moved to a different location. The last scene of the finale, with the sniper aimed at Nancy’s head, was just a cheap show that if the show had not ended there I might have turned off. There was no precedent for that shot, and it’s clear Nancy is not going to die. I don’t know anything about who would have killed her and I don’t care

And it’s at that point that I realized I’m disconnected from this show in such a way that I’ll probably never watch it again. I’ve stuck around with it for so long, and I genuinely believed at the end of last season that the show could turn itself around and become something great. But over the course of this season its evident, for me at least, that the show is so screwed up that it’s lost its heart. I no longer care whether Nancy Botwin lives or dies. And that’s an unforgivable failure in my books.

What did you think of this episode, and this season as a whole? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve pretty much stopped thinking of Weeds in a traditional sense and go into each episode expecting more of something like an episode of the The Simpsons or Family Guy.  I don’t really expect the story to make much sense anymore, and I tune in mainly to see the randomness that transpires during most episodes.

    True Blood has also fallen into this category for me and I watch it purely as a guilty pleasure now.

  • Seriously? No precedent? It’s more like she has so many enemies by this point that there’s no way, based on the scanty evidence, to be positive. The main clue that Jenji Kohan gives us is that “We certainly know who it is….It’s something from seasons past.” So it’s not someone new from this season. Other than that…

  • the writer of weeds have lost storyline and i agree the fact that Nancy always ends up top dog but just like in the godfather she will be left alone with no family just like Micheal Corleone… you should watch this season since it is the end and will be no more ..