RAISING HOPE “Sabrina Has Money” Review

Raising Hope “Sabrina Has Money”, Season 2 Episode 2 – Raising Hope followed up it’s second season premiere with a solid, heartwarming second episode this week with “Sabrina Has Money”. Last week was a pretty good episode, including what turned out to be a somewhat controversial 9/11 joke, so I was happy to see Raising Hope return to form with such a fun and light-hearted episode.

“Sabrina Has Money” started off with Burt finding out that his new super-rich client is actually Sabrina’s dad, and that Sabrina has been holding out on the Chance’s by not letting on to her family’s wealth. We actually got to meet Sabrina’s dad, Cap Collins, played by veteran character actor Stephen Root. Root is known best for his roles in Office Space and Dodgeball, and in both of them he played a completely spineless sap that everybody was superior to, so it was great to see him play a super powerful millionaire.

When visiting Cap Collins’ house, Burt and Virginia take a liking to his fancy Japanese toilet, complete with a bidet and blowdryer (ew). When Cap sees how much they like it, they get sent one for their very own! However, this is where the lesson of the episode comes in, as we see that by using this toilet the Chances are acting like something they’re not. They’re a family that works best with below average stuff, and introducing something so nice into their lives throws off the balance. Jimmy was learning the same thing about Sabrina at her sister’s birthday party, except she had the opposite feelings from the Chances. She thought that she was superior to everybody, and didn’t feel like she needed to stoop to everybody’s level, so she put them down to compensate.

I personally love the heart that this show has. I know that these lessons can come off as preachy or sappy to some, but I think it’s what makes this show work so well. The family that we follow in this show is so dysfunctional in just about every way, but these lessons that they learn seem to bring their family unit closer and closer together every episode. It really elevates the show above the physical comedy and poop jokes, although those are always welcome!

This was a solid episode of Raising Hope, and although it didn’t bring as many laughs as some episodes from the previous season, it definitely made up for it with a great moral and a fun guest character spot.

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Random Thoughts:

– Is anybody else getting sick of Virginia mispronouncing words as a joke? Pronouncing the “G” in “filet mignon” is not that funny, and relying on it as the entire joke is not very funny.

– I don’t know anything about Yo Gabba Gabba, so maybe some readers with young children can clue me in. Was it a big deal to have them on the show? It seemed like such an odd fit for a children’s show to have a cameo on a show like this, but it definitely worked with the storyline.

– Maw Maw asking for her fiber intake to be increased was pretty great. I’m happy with them giving Maw Maw a couple good one-liners per episode, as she’s used best in moderation.