DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 2” Review

Downton Abbey

DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 2” Season 2 Episode 2 – Once again, Downton Abbey delivers a fantastic episode of television, filled with intrigue and drama, a dash of comedy and plenty of forward momentum. That’s one of the best things about this show: so much happens in every episode that it’s impossible to imagine how the next one can possibly advance, yet week after week a new episode provides new plotlines.

This week Edith chills out with a farmer after she offers her services as a farmhand. Thomas falls in love with a blinded soldier who suffers from depression. Matthew returns from the trenches (the year is 1917) and once again unknowingly teases Mary with his presence. Sybil gets Downton to open its doors to war veterans who are too ill to remain at the hospital but not well enough to return home. Carson suffers a stress induced attack. And Mrs Patmore cries.

That’s the thing I love so much about the show. Entire arcs begin and end within an hour – like Edith’s brief and piteous romance with the farmer – yet there’s a hint that there will be consequences in the future. Speaking of Edith’s brief romance, I’m not sure where it’s going, but I quite liked it: it suited her sad and pathetic personality to a tea. With this man she became a different human being, and it’s evident that the high class life does not suit her: there, she’s an ugly duckling whose desperation can be sniffed out from a mile. She’s the woman who worries about her dress when Carson falls to the ground. Outside of the frock and in the wellies however she becomes a completely different person, and a better one at that.

Another heartache storyline involved Thomas’ relationship with a wounded war vet. Thomas can sometimes feel like a panto villain but when he’s allowed to show human emotions, even when they’re hidden under layers of taboo.

Of course Mrs Patmore’s nephew storyline was a gem in the rough (oh wow, what a cliché) which worked so well and gave Mr Crawley something admirable to do. Maggie Smith was as delicious as ever and the showdown between her and Mrs Crawley was amazing.

With the addition of a bunch of psychologically damaged young men, I cannot wait to see how Downton changes. This was yet another brilliantly written, directed and acted episode of television.

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