RAISING HOPE The Complete First Season DVD Review

raising hope season 1 dvd
FOX has released the complete first season of its comedic hit, RAISING HOPE, on DVD. This three disc DVD set includes all 21 episodes of Raising Hope along with the unaired network pilot, pilot commentary and plenty of other bonus features.

Raising Hope is about 23 year old Jimmy Chance (Lucas Neff) who suddenly finds himself raising his six month old child after Lucy (Bijou Phillips), a serial killer one night stand, is executed by the State. His reluctant parents Virginia Chance (Martha Plimpton) and Burt Chance (Garrett Dillahunt) are helping him out, although as young parents themselves, they might not always make the right choices either. Rounding out the cast of Raising Hope are Cloris Leachman as Maw Maw, Virgina’s grandmother who is hardly seen with her top on, Shannon Woodward as Sabrina, the checkout girl at the grocery store whom Jimmy has a crush on, and Baylie and Rylie Cregut who play Hope and are too darn cute! I firmly believe Martha Plimpton is actor gold and therefore will watch anything she is in. However, Lucas Neff and Garrett Dillahunt quickly grew on me as the season continued. Yes, I am hooked.

What about the bonus features you say? Well, they are not the best, but for a first season show, not too bad. They include:

Adorable Stars: Meet the Hopes – a behind the scenes look at the twins, Rylie and Baylie, that play Hope. The cast chimes in to talk about how easy it is to work with the babies. There is talk about the two different personalities of the babies. One is considered sensitive and one considered tough, only at six months! The feature was just over 6 minutes and you could tell how much the cast loves those babies.

Moments with Mrs. Chance – one of the worst bonus features I have ever seen. It was a 4 minute long montage of Martha Plimpton. Various lines, faces, and scenes. Nonstop with no theme or coherence. I already said I love Ms. Plimpton, but even this was too much for me.

Gag Reel – Just a typical gag reel with a lot of laughing and some flubbed lines. My favorite part was Hope’s look at the person trying to move the figurine she was playing with out of the scene.

Deleted and Extended Scenes – There were a total of 14 deleted/extended scenes clocking in at about 20 minutes. My favorite ones include “Pilot” which shows more Lucy during and after her exectuion. Yes, I said after. Another good one was “Sniffles” when Jimmy and Virginia are waiting in the clinic to take Hope in for her cold. The pen part of that scene is a classic.

My favorite part of this DVD by far is the unaired network pilot. It is a full pilot with many different scenes and changes. I loved the scenes that were deleted and the surprise of having a different actor play Jimmy’s cousin, and even a different name for Burt’s pool cleaning business. I kind of wished they had aired the network pilot instead. It has a better vibe and overall feeling to it.

My recommendation? Buy this one. Raising Hope is going to be around for a while and I think having the first season to look back on to see how it all began will be a plus. Also, the unaired network pilot is well worth the purchase alone. Definitely a purchase DVD!

Raising Hope The Complete First Season DVD is available for purchase now.