THE AMAZING RACE “Kindness of Strangers” Review

The Amazing Race “Kindness of Strangers”, Season 19 Episode 1 – The Amazing Race is back, everybody! The frequent Emmy award-winning reality competition is back for its 19th season, and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve got teams as varied as Survivor winners, NFL players, and beautiful sisters (Shocker!).

Things got off to an interesting start, as we see our racers perform what is basically a luck challenge to determine who gets to leave for the airport first. On their way to the airport though, Kaylani dropped her passport at a gas station. Thankfully, the great @RyanStorm was able to find her passport and return it to them. It seemed a little contrived that he just happened to tweet the passport back into their hands. There was part of me that thinks that if you just drop your passport in a gas station, you kind of deserve to go home. I mean, I have never seen anybody just drop their passport like that. What, was it in her back pocket or something? Was she holding it in her teeth like a pirate? Maybe put that sucker in your backpack so you don’t drop it at the Shell station, genius.

The teams eventually all made their way to Taipei, and witnessed what had to be the most abstract clue in Amazing Race history. How on earth are you supposed to guess that the random Chinese characters behind the red and yellowish balloons have your next clue? You couldn’t really blame the teams for getting stuck here, although Bill and Cathi definitely had a little too much trouble.

The rest of the challenges were much better, though. Even though the dragon boat racing and bungee jumping weren’t particularly difficult, they really showed off the beauty and culture of that awesome city. Sometimes they have challenges that are trying to be difficult, and some that are trying to just show off the sites. Today’s episode was a great combination of both.

At the end of the leg, we had a pretty obvious result: Bill and Cathi came in last. However, we got a couple big surprises when they checked in. First, they were not eliminated, in what has to be the very first non-elimination for the first leg. Second, the next week will be a double-elimination. Crazy stuff!

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Random Thoughts:

– What is a parent thinking when they name their daughter “Kaylani”? It’s like they’re anticipating they’re going to grow up to be a showgirl.

– I loved the “WRONG Gong” when the teams tried to recite the Confucius proverb. Is that Chinese version of “EPIC FAIL”?

– Does Phil Koeghan have the best job in the world? Get paid 4.3 million dollars to get flown around the world and stand on a mat. I’m sure he does more than that, but you have to admit it’s a pretty amazing gig (No pun intended).