CSI: NY “Indelible” Review

CSI: NY "Indelible" Season 8 Premiere (1)

CSI: NY “Indelible”, Season 8 Episode 1 – CSI: NY returned tonight with “Indelible”, a very moving and respectful dedication to the tenth anniversary of 9/11. In a week full of other TV shows making nods to 9/11, including Raising Hope making a controversial 9/11 joke and Person of Interest claiming the attacks were the impetus for the government’s increased monitoring measures, we’ve certainly been hearing a lot about 9/11 recently. Thankfully, the way CSI: NY approached it was just right. Not dwelling too much on the attacks so as to beat you over the head with it, but mentioned it enough to bring it all to the forefront of our minds, as it should be near this 10th anniversary.

The majority of the episode was dedicated to Mac’s story, having just started his new job at a DNA processing firm, he seems to be reliving the day he lost his wife. I was a bit disappointed with Gary Sinise’s performance in these scenes. We’ve always been led to believe that the reason that he’s so wooden and emotionless all these years is because he’s still mourning the loss of his wife, but when we saw him with his wife before the attacks, he still comes off very wooden. I’m not saying I want him singing and dancing whenever he’s with her, but the least he could do is joke along with her and play along with her inside jokes. I guess it turns out he’s always been boring.

Everybody else’s flashbacks were just as interesting, as we see where most of the major characters of the team were on 9/11 was really well done. Seeing that Don and Danny actually met on that fateful day was a nice touch.

The actual case of the week was OK, but obviously not meant to be the focus of the episode. You had your standard shooting, interrogation of suspects, and sifting through the clues to find the actual perpetrators. You’ve got to wonder if they could have actually removed the case of the week altogether and focused entirely on dedicating the episode to the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I suppose they figured that would be a little too on-the-nose, but it was so clearly relegated to the background that it was almost distracting. Maybe most of the viewers of this show need somebody to be killed every episode, but I am not one of them.

I’m interested to see how the rest of the season goes, and see how Mac gets back into the crime lab (Come on, you know it’ll happen). My hope is that this show shakes up the formula a little bit in the next season. It was this close to getting cancelled last season, so hopefully they try some new things to attract new viewers. We’ll see soon, I suppose!

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Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody else feel like they’re kind of leaving the door open for Mac’s wife to still be alive? I think it would be a real sucker-punch if they tried to pull that, but they showed us that she wasn’t killed on screen and that she was never identified. It seems like the kind of stunt that this ratings challenged show might pull during sweeps, but man I hope not.

– I was really impressed with the production value of Mac’s flashbacks. Lots of papers flying, ash blasting down the street, tons of emergency vehicles parked everywhere. Considering this show was on the bubble last season, and almost wasn’t renewed for it’s eighth season, I was surprised that they were able to secure the budget for these scenes.

– Doctor snappy-glasses is at it again! It must be in his contract that we need to see him actually snap his glasses open and closed at least once per episode. It’s like an edict!