A GIFTED MAN Series Premiere Advance Review


CBS premieres its latest drama, A GIFTED MAN, tonight at 8 pm ET. A Gifted Man is the story of well respected neurosurgeon, Michael Holt. Dr. Holt has carefully crafted his life so that he operates his own clinic, owns all of his own medical equipment, and only caters to the rich and famous. Yet, he does not date and eats alone. Dr. Holt is a closed off, selfish individual that uses his gift of surgery to satisfy his purely materialistic needs. Enter Anna, Dr. Holt’s ex-wife. She reappears in his life after 10 years much to his surprise. Even more surprising is that she had been killed and her spirit has sought him out to help her accomplish some things left over in her life.

Does that sound familiar to you? I am pretty sure there has been a few movies, and probably TV shows, with that same premise. At first I was doubtful this show could work for that very reason. However, it does work quite well, at least in this pilot episode. Dr. Holt is played by Patrick Wilson who is an expert in playing aloof. Yet, when he softens and smiles, it is like he is a different character, which is important here. Anna, played by Jennifer Ehle, exhudes nothing but goodness every time she is on the screen. Immediately you can see what drew Michael Holt to her and what drove them apart. It is that dichotomy that is the focus of the show. As Michael’s sister, Christina (played by the always lovely Julie Benz), says, he was always a better person when in Anna’s presence. The question is, can Anna’s spirit make him a better person after she is gone?

The pilot instantly pulls you in with Michael “hallucinating” almost immediately. From there, there is a full on freak out as to what is going on with him, and then intrigue as he is guided to assist Anna. I do not think Michael quite knows what he is in for. It is clear that Anna has bigger plans for him then to just take care of a few of her remaining patients. Christina was right though, we see Michael become a better person as the show goes on, even if the change is barely evident. It will be an interesting journey in Michael’s life. Hopefully, A Gifted Man can sustain the pace of the pilot show for the series’ run.

You should tune in tonight at 8 pm ET to A Gifted Man on CBS. Then come back here and tell me what you think. Is the show in danger of falling into cliched territory thereby making Michael the Scrooge who finds a heart? Or will it provide a fresh take on a somewhat old tale? Tell us what you think down below.

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