WHITNEY “Pilot” Review

WHITNEY (NBC) "Pilot" Episode 1
WHITNEY “Pilot” Season 1 Episode 1 – A female comedian getting a primetime sit-com is hardly breaking any new television ground, especially if she names the show after herself. So, I didn’t go into the pilot episode of Whitney with any great expectations, which turned out to be a good thing. I hate disappointment.

Whitney is pretty, yet quirky. Scatter-brained, a little selfish, but oblivious about it. She lives in a very nice apartment in an undisclosed city with her down-to-earth, equally hipster-hot boyfriend. She has a bunch of friends including a much-divorced chick, a self-proclaimed ladies man and a newly-wed, interracial couple. I think all the bases are covered.

The plot is basic and I’m being kind when I say that. There’s a wedding, during which Whitney makes an adorable(?) fool of herself. There’s some discussion in their circle of appropriately-odd friends about the correlation between unhappy couples and boring sex lives. After that, Whitney decides to spice up her love life with a little role-playing. Paging Nurse Sexy.

Of course, her attempts at bringing sexy back go terribly wrong and result in her boyfriend ending up in the hospital, being tended to by real nurses. When she’s not allowed to see him, as she’s not family, she wonders if they should break down and get married.

I really wanted to call this out, as most hospitals don’t have those family-only rules anymore, but the show has enough problems and minor details such as that should be overlooked in favor of figuring them out. It’s not that I didn’t chuckle a few times, but there were no serious, laugh-out-loud moments in the entire thirty minutes. I just felt like I’d seen everything before, only better and funnier.

Pilot episodes for sit-coms are notoriously hard to write as they require introducing an entire set of characters, showing a thorough plot and setting up a joke a minute all in the same amount of time that it takes most shows to eliminate the first red herring in the hooker murder of the week. So I’m willing to give Whitney a second chance, but it needs to shape up pretty soon. As it is, I see no hook yet that will make me look forward to spending half an hour with Whitney every Thursday night.

What did you think of the episode? Did this show only get the green-light because Whitney is a hottie? Can it survive to mid-season? Let me know below.