THE X FACTOR (US) “Auditions #2: Miami/Dallas” Review

THE X FACTOR (US) “Auditions #2: Miami/Dallas” Season 1 Episode 2 – Ok this is kind of bad because I’m already a bit bored with the auditions of The X Factor and it’s only the second episode. I think the problem is that there is no one really to root for so far, the talent is just average at best (apart for a couple of people). In addition, the show spends too much time on each audition, I’m used to things moving along and I don’t feel we’re seeing that many people, yet the episode lasted 2 hours!

In tonight’s episode, the judges headed to Miami and Dallas to find some new talent to add to the competition.

The stand outs in tonight’s auditions were Caitlin Koch, whom I absolutely love (I mean I seriously had tears in my eyes when she was singing) and Melanie Amaro who was also pretty great. Other than them, I guess Jeremiah Pagan was memorable because he was a pretty good performer. But that’s pretty much it for me.

I really enjoyed the montage of some of the people that made it through and I just wish we had seen more of each of them, instead of quickly going through them towards the end of the episode.

I don’t have much else to say about this round of auditions, it just wasn’t that exciting to me. Hopefully things will pick up a bit once we get to the actual competition.

Until then let me know what you thought of tonight’s auditions? Were you as underwhelmed as I was? Are you enjoying The X Factor?

In other news, next week Axe will begin his duties as a regular reviewer for The X Factor, so hopefully he’ll have some fun and snarky things to say about the show, trust me it’ll make it that much more fun to watch.

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