Person of Interest “Pilot”, Season 1 Episode 1 – When this show was announced, it sounded too good to be true. Super producer J.J. Abrams teaming up with Jonah Nolan, the co-writer of The Dark Knight. Then you throw in Michael Emerson (of LOST fame) and Jim Caviezel (of Jesus fame), and you’ve got a surefire recipe for success, right? Well, then you put all of these incredibly talented people in…a CBS procedural. Of all things, this is the dish we’re served with all of these great ingredients involved. So, most importantly, is it any good? Read on to find out.

The Person of Interest pilot starts off showing our hero, Caviezel’s Mr. Reese, beating up a bunch of punks on a subway car. His special set of skills was seen by Michael Emerson’s eccentric billionaire character Mr. Finch, and he’s hired to start righting the future wrongs of New York City.

Right away I noticed some pretty large inconsistencies of Caviezel’s character. We first see him as somebody who looks like a hobo, drinking liquor on a subway train. However, when he’s confronted by Mr. Finch, he quickly starts making wisecracks and coming off quite a bit more aware than we would believe. Then as soon as he’s let out of jail, he shaves his beard that must have taken weeks or months to grow, and we realize that he’s living in quite a nice hotel. It didn’t make much sense to me that he started off the episode looking like he was in a perpetual state of disarray and drunkenness, and then literally a day later he’s completely transformed into a handsome super-detective. I understand that they were trying to convey Reese’s troubled past, but I just thought his transformation was a bit too fast and convenient.

So we quickly get rushed into the meat of the show, which is that Mr. Finch mysteriously has the resources to obtain social security numbers for people who are persons of interest (Get it!) in future crimes. Exactly how he does this, and Finch’s backstory, are kept purposefully unclear as I suppose that Mr. Finch will be a major plot point as the show progresses. This is a J.J. Abrams joint, after all, so I’m sure there’ll be some overarching mysteries that will be addressed down the road.

I do want to talk about one of my favorite aspects of this show so far: The action scenes. I’m not sure if every episode will have the same production values as the pilot, but there were some pretty awesome scenes here. The subway fight, the gun purchase, and Reese stopping the cops car was great.

Many comparisons have been made to this show and the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, since both heavily feature this “Pre-crime” element. The big difference between the two is that this show doesn’t tell you if the person of interest is the perpetrator or the victim. It was a great swerve to see that the woman that Reese was thinking was the victim was actually the ringleader of the whole operation. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of times in the future where the person we think is the killer will actually be the victim, and etc.

Overall this was a very successful pilot. We know how this show will work in the future. It’s easy to understand and accessible for everyone. We have some backstory on the characters, and we got some awesome action scenes. As the show goes on, hopefully we get a little more information on Reese’s past with Jessica, and maybe we’ll find out how Finch got so rich. I’m not sure what we’ll learn, but I’m excited to find out! I’ll see you all next week!

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Random Thoughts:

– I think it’s pretty funny that Jonathan Nolan wrote The Dark Knight, and then he wrote a TV show about a billionaire who is hell-bent on justice because he lost somebody he loved. Really staying in your wheelhouse, aren’t you Jonathan?

– There were some breathtaking views of the New York City skyline in this episode. They look even better in HD.

– That guy that Reese was holding at gunpoint at the very end had the biggest nose I’ve ever seen. It was distracting. He’s lucky that thing didn’t get caught in the crossfire.