Survivor: South Pacific “He Has Demons”, Season 23 Episode 2 – The opening of Survivor: South Pacific this week shows us the first resident of Redemption Island: Semhar. I was a little bummed that she was voted out last week, as she tried so hard in the challenges, but then…she started doing her poetry. Oh man, go home Semhar. I am NOT in the mood for any more spoken word. Even the crabs scuttled underground when she started her freestylin’.

The people who sent Semhar to Redemption came back from tribal to a very thankful and apologetic Cochran. Seeing Cochran actually learn from his mistakes, take the criticism of his tribemates, and actually change the way he plays the game is great. It’s so rare in this game that somebody would actually change the way they act around camp so drastically. Usually somebody is a worker around camp, or they do nothing. Very rarely does somebody change that mindset mid-game, so I was very proud of him.

I was really frustrated by the whole Brandon being Russell’s nephew thing. Him telling Coach should not be a big deal AT ALL. My reasoning is this: Do people really always act exactly like their uncles? No. Maybe if he was Russell’s brother, son, or some other more direct family member, then Coach’s fears would be more warranted. It isn’t like Brandon sees Russell everyday, or that he’s so directly influenced by Russell’s mannerisms and characteristics. The drama here is so unwarranted. Granted, Brandon actually did pull somewhat of a Russell move by lying to Coach. However, I don’t think that has anything to do with the fact that Russell is his uncle.

Speaking of Brandon, though, I am completely perplexed by his vendetta against Mikayla. She hasn’t done anything wrong strategically, and she’s a beast in challenges. This early in the game, you want to keep around stronger players in order to have your team win rewards and immunities. It always bugs me when people say they want to eliminate physical threats this early in the game, as strength of tribe this early is crucial. It seems that Brandon isn’t intimidated by Mikayla physically, mentally, or strategically. It seems that Brandon is intimidated by Mikayla…sexually. This is definitely the first time I’ve seen somebody this threatened by another player for no reason at all other than that they are flaunting their bodies. Sometimes I just want to scream at my TV and tell Brandon “They’re just boobs! Every girl has them! Chill out, man!”

After a somewhat chaotic tribal, which was too insane to even recap here, we see Christine get voted off with an idol in her pocket! I absolutely love when this happens to people, especially when I don’t like the person getting voted off in the first place. Hopefully we get a little more trust in the Upolu tribe from now on, and hopefully we’ll see Brandon overcoming his weird infatuation with Mikayla. Next week also marks the first week of Redmeption Island Duels! I’ll see you all next week!

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Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody else think about Edna Mode from The Incredibles whenever they hear Edna’s name? “NO CAPES!”

– What the heck was that animal that was undulating and pulsating on the rocks at the Upolu camp?

– I hate when there’s subtitles on the screen even though we can understand the speaker perfectly. I find this distracting.