Stars Stephanie March & Linus Roache Talk About The Secret of LAW & ORDER: SVU’s Success and “Season 2.0”

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LAW AND ORDER: SVU starts its 13th season tonight and Daemon’s TV was lucky enough to be in on a call with stars Stephanie March and Linus Roache. In the interview, the two discuss what it’s like being on a franchise that’s been around for so long, what is the secret of the series’ success and more.

On the changes we can expect this season

There is a lot going on in the SVU team, both in front of the camera and behind. Stephanie said that part of the changes includes having a new team of writers as well as some new characters. She said there is lots of new blood on the show which has made shooting a lot more fun for everyone.

Linus remarked that things have been mixed up in an interesting way these days on set, with lots of cross pollination happening. He also teased that we may see a few familiar faces from the original L & O franchise show up on SVU this season.

On what makes this new season different from other seasons

Some people are apparently dubbing season 13 of SVU as “Season 2.0” and when asked about what will set this season apart from previous season, Linus said that he felt that she show was evolving nicely. He told us that they will be bringing in new blood as well as some old blood back. For instance, his character is coming back with a lot of new responsibilities and won’t be able to be as cavalier as he used to be. However, Linus said that even with all of the new changes, what will stay the same is the emotional strength of the series, which is a very powerful part of its appeal.

Stephanie agreed with Linus, adding that none of them really know how the season will ultimately unfold but that it already feels like a leaner, faster, version of the series and they are enjoying the ride.

On the last season of the original Law and Order

Law & Order ran for 20 years, but some thought that it would make it to 21. Linus confirmed that yes, many on the cast and crew did think there would be another year of original show, saying: “We all thought we had it in the bag and that proves you can never tell.”

On the dynamic/tension between their characters

When asked about their characters, Linus said that while there is some tension between them, he also felt that there was lots of respect between them as well. He finds it interesting to be standing on the other side of the desk these days and is really enjoy working with Stephanie.

Stephanie said she loves working with Linus, too, telling us that he comes to set very prepared and knows his lines so well that he doesn’t even bring pages with him. She finds it enjoyable to work with a character that her character already has a relationship with. To her it plays like a real-world working environment, with people moving up the ranks like they really would, making it easier to play her role.

On the key to success of the series

It may not be at the double decade mark yet, but not many shows make it past the first decade either. Going into a 13th season, we asked the actors what they thought the secret of success was for the series. In reply, Linus said that SVU is “very visceral and emotional”. He felt that the audience strongly identifies with Mariska Hargitay’s character as she sympathizes with the victims of terrible crimes. He also remarked that the writing on the show was very strong, very lean, and you only see what you need to see to move the story forward.

Stephanie agreed that Mariska’s character definitely has a draw for people and that the audience empathizes and finds a voice through her. She said she also felt that they owe a lot of their success to their guest stars and their wonderful performances.

Don’t forget to tune into the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU tonight, Wednesday September 21 at 10pm eastern. Then come back to Daemon’s TV to see our review of the episode and let us know what you thought of it.