ABC’s REVENGE Season Premiere Advance Review

ABC’s brand new series REVENGE kicks off tonight and I got a chance to take an early look at the first episode.

Revenge follows Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) who moves in to the Hamptons to get even with the people responsible for ruining her father’s reputation and life. As you can imagine wealth and beauty also brings secrets, lots of them, and Emily is ready to use them.

After the first episode, I am hooked on Revenge, but that’s mostly because I am a sucker for this type of show. You see the series mixes some flashforward sequences with the present so we have an idea of what happens, but we don’t know how we got there. In addition, we also find out about Emily’s past and why she feels so much hate for these people. It’s total drama and I love it.

And so the show is sets up these easter eggs for us to try and figure out what happens next in Emily’s plan and how she will get revenge on all these people. The only worry I have is that the show gets cancelled before we get any answers. Yes I am still bitter over Reunion‘s cancellation.

But that said I will be tuning in to Revenge until there is nothing to tune in to. It’s absolute mindless fun and it’s a perfect way to spend my Wednesday nights.

Oh and of course we get Emily Van Camp (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters) as the lead and also I might be the only one excited about this but Ashley Madekwe (Bambi in Secret Diary of a Call Girl) also stars as Emily’s friend Ashley. As for Madeleine Stowe (Twelve Monkeys, The Proposition), she plays Victoria Grayson, Emily’s primary target, and she is just delightful to watch.

Overall, Revenge is officially my new guilty pleasure and if you like me are a fan of drama, scandal, secrets and getting even, you have to tune in to Revenge tonight, September 21, when it premieres at 10pm on ABC.