WEEDS “Qualitative Spatial Reasoning” Review

WEEDS Season 7 Episode 11

WEEDS “Qualitative Spatial Reasoning” Season 7 Episode 12 – Silas’ decision to splinter from his mother and declare all out warfare promised plenty of fireworks as the seventh season of Weeds nears a close. While there may not have been any actual sparks, there was definitely some explosions banging off in the penultimate episode of the seventh season.

Will this be the final season of Weeds? Who knows. Jenji Kohan, the creator, has said in interviews that she wants Weeds to end, but Showtime owns the show and they’ve expressed a desire to go beyond the seventh season-perhaps since, when this episode ends, they’ll be only twelve away from the lovely 100, which sometimes means syndication.

I’m less interested to see an eighth season than I am to see the fallout of next week’s episode. After inadvertently violently hijacking Helia’s weed delivery thanks to Demetri, Nancy has seriously backed Silas into a corner. I have one question: did she mean to or did she not? Sure, her reaction when Demetri told her where he got the weed seemed very genuine as she immediately tried to reach out to Silas. On the other hand, Nancy is, if nothing else, a grand manipulator. And she knows that Demetri means business and when, earlier in the episode, he mentioned that Silas’ business would go under-or something to that effect-Nancy gave him the cold shoulder and left him with a nifty one liner about his lack of timing for sex. And this, just after she made it very clear how hurt she was by Silas, and how she was going to take him down (by the way, Mary Louise Parker, once again, excellent in that scene. Her distress and hurt palpable.) She did not tear him down, did not emphatically state that Silas was her problem. Surely Nancy, a master strategian, saw this coming…

But, as I mentioned, her horrified reaction seemed sincere and in the end, it almost doesn’t matter. Whether advertently or inadvertently, Nancy crushed her son’s opposition in one fell swoop by knocking out his suppliers and stealing his stuff. It’s a savage business and Nancy is no flakey horse. Silas, on the other hand, has vowed revenge and while I have no idea what his plan to bring Nancy’s sister into the mix will bring, he seems hellbent on causing emotional pain to his mother.

It makes for some high quality, juicy television.

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