THE PROTECTOR “Safe” Season 1 Episode 13 – I believe it was the late, great Notorious BIG who said “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” and in “Safe” the season (and series) finale of The Protector, his prophetic words ring all too true.

There’s a reason why I never go into group lottery pools–money changes people and usually not for the better. For this week’s victim, a winning lottery ticket leads to him being shot to death in his colorful, hippie book bus (which I want to be my new home, by the way). A rather unusual end for a peaceful man who lived in a polyamorous commune.

When a safe is found on board the bus, the whole detective team starts making bets on what might be in it. I particularly loved the captain’s bet on the safe being full of nothing. I would have placed my money on a water-logged drawing of Kate Winslet’s breasts, but it turns out that the safe holds two million dollars worth of gold bricks. Better than Kate’s rack? Not in 1997.

The detectives trace the gold back to a friend of the victim who claims to have given him a share of the lottery winnings because the victim was too drunk to put money into the pool on the one week they happened to win big. Um…okay. That’s pretty quickly proven to be a lie–he actually shelled out the two million to buy his friend’s silence when his girlfriend “accidentally” went over a balcony and broke her neck.

But it a (surprise?) twist, it wasn’t the blackmailed man who killed his friend, but a member of the victim’s commune who was more than a little pissed that he didn’t share his two million with the group. This is why communes (and by extension communism) can’t work. Selfish human nature is far too deeply-seeded in most individuals to ever allow for true and balanced sharing. But that’s another thesis paper.

In between bits of the cases, we’re treated to our last glimpses of Gloria and Michelle’s personal lives. Gloria has been dating/sleeping with the man she bumped into in the previous episode and she’s (almost) ready to take him home to meet her kids. When she finally does, it turns out perfectly and you can see a new family forming. Michelle is ready to settle down with a serious guy and winds up kissing the cute, younger detective who’s had his eye on her all her season.

I feel like The Protector ended on a somewhat high note, and even though this will be the last time we see them, anyone who was invested in their characters can be satisfied that they were left in a good, happy place. A lot of canceled shows never give you that resolution. I’m looking at you, Firefly…and Serenity doesn’t count!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will you miss the show? Do you think it deserved a second season? Let me know below!