HELL’S KITCHEN “Winner Chosen” Review

HELL’S KITCHEN “Winner Chosen” Season 9 Episode 16 – It’s down to the two best chefs, and from the early episodes you knew that it was going to be down to these two. If not for all the Elise drama, I suppose this season might have been quite boring. But who knows: she was hardly in this episode yet I enjoyed it, though that may have had something to do with the natural tension of finding out who won this season of Hell’s Kitchen.

For weeks I’ve said it’ll come down to Paul and Will, with Will edging out Paul. I was wrong. Paul’s door opened up and he won the grand prize of head chef at BLT Steak in New York, which comes complete with a $250, 000 salary, which isn’t bad I have to say.

It was somewhat of a surprise since Will certainly had the steam early on, from winning the challenge of preparing five dishes in one hour, and getting first pick of a team of past contestants from this season and insuring that Paul was stuck with Elise and Carrie and with two dishes from his menu which Ramsay made him scrap.

Hands up. Who thinks that Paul won mainly because he is the only man on the face of this earth able to get Elise and Carrie to work together? Hands are all up? I thought so.

It turned out, however, that choosing Krupa turned into a suicide job as she failed the fish station again and again, to the point where Will had to move her to desserts and get Natalie working on fish. The executive order, as the narrator called it, probably came too late (who knows with this editing). Paul had some of his own problems: Elizabeth had trouble on appetisers, Jonathan sucked at the meat station and Elise took over in the end. But he was able to navigate through the sinking sand to deliver a spot on service.

So, Paul wins in the end and so ends another episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

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