HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ha’i’ole” Season 2 Premiere Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "Ha’i’ole" Season 2 Premiere

HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ha’i’ole” Season 2 Episode Premiere – I’m not usually one to imbibe in alcohol on a school night, but I gotta say that after the first few minutes of this premiere I really felt like I could’ve had a cocktail. So much happened before the opening credits that I knew right away we were going to be in for one heck of a ride.

We start out one week from where we left off last season, with Steve in jail, Chin back in uniform, Kono under investigation and Danny still in Hawaii. Within minutes things are in an uproar as Hesse shows up out of the blue and tries to kill Steve, but actually does it to help him escape. Soon every cop in the city is looking for the escaped fugitive while all his old friends are coming together to help clear his name.

In the end Steve’s name is cleared and the Five-0 task force is reinstated, all except for Kono that is. The new governor is apparently not going to let them get away with as much stuff as the last one did and now we’ve got a whole new mystery to figure out. Not only was Steve’s dad somehow involved with Wo Fat and the old governor but sweet, innocent-looking Jenny is somehow in on this whole thing, too.

As always, the team bonding moments were high on my list of favorites and I’m happy we got our first cargument between Steve and Danny very early in the episode. And while I’m pleased that Danny is staying in Hawaii of course, I also feel bad for him now that he knows that Rachel’s baby isn’t his and that she’s going back to her current husband. I did liked seeing how concerned the team was about him though, and I’m sure they’ll all help him get through it.

My favorite bits..

OMG it’s Locke! Run Danny, run! Oh wait. Wrong show. My bad.

Steve + jail cell pushups = very happy fangirls all over the world.

Steve messing with Danny for not wearing a tie. And so it begins..

Getting a very bad feeling when I saw Steve in that yard alone, and literally gasping out loud when I saw Hesse walk out of the shadows.

My freak-out reaching an all-time high when Hesse stabbed Steve.

“You been busy? What’re you doing? Putting more of your friends behind bars?”

“He trained Steve.”
“Oh, so it’s his fault.”

Steve taking out two men with a knife wound in his gut… AND jumping out of a moving ambulance while he’s at it.

Okay that’s it. Steve has just moved himself to the top of my list of badasses for this week. Nicely done, sir.

Steve walking out of that bathroom in the cop’s uniform. Seriously, how many people can he beat the crap out of while simultaneously bleeding heavily?

The look on Max’s face when he found an unconscious and bleeding Steve on his kitchen floor. I doubt that’s what he was expecting when he got home from work that day.

“So..um you didn’t come by that uniform in a legal manner, did you?”
“You don’t watch the news, do you?”
“I try not to, it’s very scary.” – I’m so with him on that.

Danny walking in the door and immediately starting to yell at Steve. Aw, that just proves how much he loves him. LOL.

Danny calling Max “Kermit.”

Yes! The first cargument of the season! Woohoo!

Oh wow, the baby isn’t Danny’s? Aw, I feel kinda bad for him.

I think Max and I must be long-lost cousins. I get carsick if I don’t drive, too.

Kamekona giving Jenna advice on how to be undercover. Who knew undercover work required eating shaved ice and where do I sign up for this job?

Danny calling dibs on the top bunk when Chin said they were going to end up in jail with Steve.

White telling Steve that one of the two times he saw his father cry was when he sent Steve away.

Steve telling the Lieutenant Governor to shove his apology and reinstate his task force. Oh heck yeah!

“You won’t shoot, you’re a cop.”
*Bang!* “See a badge?”

Not being able to help cracking up at the fact that the team was just barely reinstated and Steve is already driving Danny’s car. That didn’t take long.

“Danny, you ready?”
“Good, come on.” – For a guy who claimed he wasn’t ready, Danny sure had no problem jumping on to that boat.

Yes! First “Book’em Danno” of the season!

Aw man, as soon as Steve said he needed to learn everything that Hess knew, I had a feeling he was gonna die.

Wait. Did I just see Jenny picking up Wo Fat after he killed Hesse?? What the…?

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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