EUREKA “One Giant Leap” Review

EUREKA One Giant Leap Season 4 Episode 20 (4)
EUREKA “One Giant Leap” Season 4 Episode 20 – Wow, what a year it’s been for Eureka. Season 4 kicked off last summer with Carter and the gang time traveling back to 1947 and then returning only to find themselves in a new timeline. Now, over a year later, season 4 concluded tonight with the Astraeus mission to Titan. Of course, in four seasons of Eureka no plan has ever gone off without a hitch and this one is no different.

So it’s not too surprising when black holes begin popping up all over town, threatening to “spaghettify” everything in their path. Faux-bama’s limo and Carpe Diem are lost in the carnage before former bomb maker turned hippie Dr. Plotkin, guest star Dave Foley, could fashion an antimatter bomb for Carter to hand deliver to the black hole. Unfortunately, Carter’s Jeep was once again destroyed in the process (how many Jeeps is this now?).

Before we get to that doozy of a cliffhanger, let’s talk about what an emotional punch this episode packed. Fargo and Holly continued to be ridiculously cute together as nerds in love. Newlyweds Henry and Grace exchanged a tender goodbye as they prepared for six long months apart. And, after Zane confesses that she was “never a hookup”, Jo says her goodbyes and leaves town in order to find herself (she’s definitely coming back next season, right?). On top of all this, the acoustic version of “Rocket Man” playing as everyone was getting into their biostasis pods just KILLED me. I think over the past season I’ve really come to care about each of these characters and seeing everyone about to embark on a journey—whether it’s to Titan or otherwise—was moving.

As for Carter and Allison, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and move in together… and then the launch sequence sped up and she was trapped on the ship as it left for destination unknown. Argghhhh! So what do you think happened? Hopefully Allison strapped into the emergency jump seat in time. I’m guessing this was the work of Beverly Barlowe, although Senator Wen was acting a little strange the entire episode. She seemed insistent that the mission must proceed as planned. It’s going to be so hard to wait until 2012 to find out what happened.

Even though that cliffhanger is going to make me crazy, I thought this was a fantastic finale. Really, all of season 4 was awesome and I’m just so impressed with the creative storylines on Eureka this year and how much fun it is to watch these characters grow. Thankfully we still have season 5 to look forward to, as well as a special Christmas episode this December. So what did you think of the finale? Did that cliffhanger have shouting at the TV? What do you think is in store for season 5? Let me know in the comments!

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